Killing Bacteria With Cannabis

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    Pharmacists and chemists have found another use for the multipurpose cannabis as a source of antibacterial chemicals for multidrug resistant bacteria. Ironically, inhaling cannabis is known to damage the lung's ability to fend off invading pathogens, but the ingredients in cannabis, particularly the cannabinoids, have antiseptic properties. Although scattered research has been conducted since the 1950s, no comprehensive study existed that relates the structure of cannabinoids with antibacterial activity. Giovanni Appendino, Simon Gibbons, and coworkers attempted to remedy that problem by examining the activity of five common cannabinoids and their synthetic derivatives.
  2. good find !
  3. The wonder drug marches on!

    Oh, wait, maybe those bacteria were just trying to get high, and OD'd...I'm sure thats what the FDA will say.

    The headlines will read, " Cannabis Proven Lethal!" (to bacteria)
  4. Is there anything marijuana can't do
  5. Cannabis: Scourge of the bacterium! When will the madness stop?

    The DEA and FDA are such twits...

    Cook me a seven-course meal
  6. Okay...but it'll give you the inspiration to make your own!

  7. Cannabis - why read self-help books?
  8. Maybe someday we will have hospitals with thc lined walls. Don't lick the wall kids!:eek:
  9. Yes, it would appear to be completely unable to kill anyone, despite the fears of some Denver policemen.
  10. I can't believe I still read "studies haven't been done since ____" or "no studies have shown that __________ blah blah"

    I'm almost 150% fairly certain that scientists would have NO shortage of willing volunteers. Let's study the fuck out of Cannabis and finally put everything to rest. I volunteer.:devious:

  11. The day that marijuana research becomes ok'ed in the states, I'm going to be a guinea pig. Just let me smoke weed and get paid!
  12. Thanks for posting this, dude. I almost died from MRSA so this is very interesting to me. :)

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