killing a cold with alcohol..

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Oct 2, 2003.

  1. Im wondering if you all believe in killing a cold with alcohol to beat it. my dad swears by manhattens. I like hot toddys personally but they dont kill dad on the other hand will sip manhattens till he sees the city skyline and be a new man the next day...what do you all think and drink? *cough* *cough* *weeeeeeeeeeezzz*
  2. LOL! Is the cold half-dead yet, Sensi???


  3. :)

    johnny walker + sensi = BFF ~<3~
  4. well i dont know if it actually works but thats pretty much exactly how i kill a cold, drink alot of alchol and sweat it out.
  5. Scientist have said 1-2 shots a day is actually good for you...
  6. i've got a cold i'm tryin to kill. but i'll just get a hangover the next day if i drink alcohol, i'd rather have the cold. my hangovers are not good.

  7. ooo that sounds gooood!!!! or apple cider, mmmmmm.i love the rummage:D!
  8. i've started with a bit of a sniffle and my mum and a few friends have colds.... i think i should get out the whiskey. ;)

    good idea, thnx for the inspiration sensi.
  9. hot myers rum or any good dark rum for that matter... with tea, honey and a cinnimon stick to stir.....

    edit: jager for a belly ache.
  10. jagermeifter..heavily..cold gone in a night.

  11. "heavily"?

    so it wont work if i only have two quadrouples?
  12. albeit i'm not much of a drinker, (and don't consider this off topic, this is gc!) i always take a little toke out of my small wooden bat when i have a cold. the smoke makes my throat not hurt/forgotten about, helps clear out lungs, and rids of cold-wrought headaches. other than that, the general mood lift i experience from smoking just brings me up, no pun intended.. uhh, i've never been drunk, but i have a feeling i wouldn't like to have a cold and be disoriented or dizzy.
  13. cold cure...... try # 2...... if all else fails.... get out the jamieson, break out the baileys... start pouring thatb guiness...its fucking car bomb time.....

    If it doesn't sure the cold, you will sure be fucked up enough to forget about it...... :)

    plus what beats a tasty irish car bomb......
  14. straight ice cold jager chased by corona and a puff.

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