Killer Whale (Orca) saves seagulls younglin from drowning

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  1. from cnn i saw the article, of a young seagull learning to fly and hunt little fish, well he lost control of his wings and came falling into the ocean, we thought all was lost when an orca jumps out of the water sending the seagull back into the air and he flies away with the his mom, crazy humanity shown by an orca

  2. That sounds wild. Err.. I don't think humanity is the word for that though. Compassion.
  3. mammality? And that does sound wild. Nature never stops amazing me.
  4. compassion is essential if they can even claim mammality, their on the right track
  5.   As intelligent and 'compassionate' as an animal may be, it's NEVER a good idea to anthropomorphize a non-human!
  6. Orcas are very intelligent and social creatures, who knew :)
  7. It was a co-incidence!! Do you really believe that an orca can tell if a baby seagull was in distress? THe whale breached right at the time and place of the falling gull. It kinda snapped it back into reality and it went on it's way.
    What does humanity have to do with anything?
    That orca could have (and should have) eaten the damn bird. Now that would be a spectacle. A gull falling to it's demise and then an orca jumps out of the ocean and snatches it in one bite!!
  8. the whale had just eaten a couple seal families. he didnt want to bother with eating it.
  9. Man we were supposed to all have like.., a tender moment together.
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    hahahaha, wowwowowowwwww. according to cnn, he has a heart, because he looked at the camera and waved with his flippers. they said he wanted to give an interview but someone on the sea led him away, saying no means no
  11. Lol, go hug a tree.
  12. Animals are perfectly capable of showing compassion for another species.. but its rare. I haven't seen the video, may have been a coincidence, but orcas can be picky eaters. They're allowed to be cause they're intelligent hunters like us. They'll kill a shark just for its liver and leave the rest, when most would assume they should eat more. I remember seeing a video of a hippo saving something like a gazelle from another predator and then letting it go on its way.. when most hippos would of eaten it.
  13. i had another story a couple years ago about the octopus that cared for an infant that was left in an underwater cave with an airpocket for 6 days and 5 nights.
    that octopus proves that fish and man can co-exist peacefully
  14. What the ever living fuck? Seriously?
  16. its pandoras box bro, anything is possible

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