killer skunk bluez x smellberry Underground Originals

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  1. Hi has any one grown the above just want abit of info on this strain like how easy is it to grow sort of yeilds and does any one no if there is a hermie problem with this strain any help would be great thanmks
  2. I havent grown that, if you read what the seed company you are getting it from says thats usually correct

    but if you are looking for a strain thats easy to grow and is resistant to mildew and some bugs makes pretty good yields and is a cannabis cup winner more then 3 times then try l.a. confidential, I grow this and although I am not a beginner I have been doing this for 15 years I have stumbled onto this and noticed that mildew will not grow on it, it will die off and then grow back a few times dieing off each time leaving a film on the leaf that the mildew can grow on, the mildew cant grow on it but it created a film of dead mildew that it will grow on and it actually comes off pretty easily, I have seen a room full of mildew at a friends house and the l.a. confidential never got any on it, it was the only plant in the room that was good looking and we cut it down and threw the rest away

    the l.a will yield pretty good but you have to LST it and top/fim it so that you have a nice layer of just tops and I get between 5-7 oz depending on how big I grew them before putting it into flower per plant with 4 per light under a 1000w hps

    the only thing is that the branches seem to break pretty easily at the connection between branches or the main stem, you have to have supports for them

    with la you can almost double your fertilizer to like 3.2 EC or like 1800ppm and have no real problems but get great buds

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