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killer green dragon!!! no heat! :D

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by mindofthestoner, May 26, 2009.

  1. #1 mindofthestoner, May 26, 2009
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    what you should get:
    half a pint of everclear
    3 or four grams of some good bud
    few cans of mountan dew

    1.)Open your everclear bottle, pour out(or if you have nuts, drink) about a fl.oz. or just a half fl.oz.

    2.)Grind up your sweet herb and let it sit in the freezer for a few hours-(thanks rhythm of life!)

    3.)put the weed in the everclear bottle(make sure that you get all the keif and stuff out of the grinder, and into the bottle)

    4.)Shake the fuck out of it!!

    5.)put it in a dark dry place and let it sit for 1-3 weeks.(longer the better)

    6.)you might wanna shake it every 2 or 3 days

    7.)when you feel your ready to drink, simply take your bottle out, shake for like 15 minutes, and let the grass settle back to the bottom.

    8.)once settled, take your coffee filter (i like to use the metal ones, but the paper ones work) and strain the liquid into a cup or preferably a mason jar with a lid

    9.)now you just get you a can of good ol' mountain dew, pour ya a nice shot in there and get fucked up!

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  2. Hmm to each their own I guess. I do mine a different way. I grind up about an ounce of stems, or enough to fill half the vodka bottle up with stems. I then put in some kief and shake it up real well. Let it sit in the freezer for a month (30 days and it wont freeze because it's alcohol) and shake up the bottle and open the cap to let it air out once every day or two if you can. When ready, put two coffee filters over a large glass cup and slowly pour the vodka through the strainers and you should have a green substance with nothing in it. Sip slowly, and feel the high take your soul

  3. yeah man. im sure that works too. what kinda vodka you using? also im curious as to why using the freezer? is it better?

    hit me back up :D
  4. that looks dope i havent tried that. hows the high
  5. i made green dragon for this past new years. i dont really understand why you are putting your bud under a lamp for though.
  6. its an awesome high bro! and the taste is amazing man. like drinking your favorite budd. tastes just like weed smells :D
  7. i use the lamp to get the weed nice and dry without burning it
  8. 151 is my preference. It tastes better to me. If I use Everclear it is when I am making edibles, like lolipops or hard candy.

    Nice guide, but I have never made my bud dry before I put it in though. It doesn't make sense to me to make something dry that will soon become wet, what is your reasoning for this?
  9. have you ever noticed how easy the crystals juat fallll off the bud when its dry?? lol
  10. Why use heat though? By placing marijuana in the freezer the same task can be accomplished without risking damage to the plant.
  11. your right! completely. i should change it. thanks man!
  12. I just made sum with 40% vodka (because i couldn't get Everclear) and oz of sum ground up mids a friend gave me. i waited like 2 and half weeks and shook it every now and then. when I strained it, it has dark green/brown color. Is it because of the alcohol content being so low its so brown?
  13. There could be a thousand different green dragon methods depending on liquor type, weed quality, time, ect.

    My method, I use 15 shots of Everclear 190% and mix it with 2 oz of vaped high-grade herb, with 7g of decarboxylated regs and a generous scoop of kief every 2 weeks. I let it sit for about 3 months; shaking twice daily [once when I wake, once before I sleep], but this latest batch will sit all the way till 4/20 [almost 5 months since I started it]. I then strain with 2 layers of cheesecloth to ensure no plant matter is in the batch. A 'dose' is anywhere from a 1/4 - 1/3 of a shot. A HEAVY dose is 1/2 shot. Me and my 3 roomies are heavy smokers, and after having a half shot and taking 1 bong rip each, we were incapacitated.
  14. I am curious about this as well, any insights? I used 151, and a quad but for some reason the liquid is very dark, brownish green color.
  15. Everclear is clear to begin with, 151 is is glden brown to begin with.
  16. The pics you attached look like a fucking sweet green dragon :)

  17. Everclear is just clear. 151 is already a darker, brownish color. Both become greener.
  18. was bored, had lots of stems from harvest, bought this rectified spirit and dumped the stems in... 95% alc/vol or 190 proof

    i'm going to leave this until 4/20 but also i'm thinking of adding a small scoop of kief every week until then, thoughts?


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