Killed over weed

Discussion in 'General' started by smoketilldeath-, Nov 3, 2008.

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  1. heres for you friend
    god bless
  2. you fucking hippies make me laugh
  3. sorry for your loss man
    lighting one up for your bro as we speak
  4. My next bowl is for your family. Fuck weapons and death man!
  5. damn why was this bumped? my condolences if true, but its fishy
  6. So sorry for your loss! Next fatty will be for your brother mate!
  7. Oh please.. how dumb can you be to not be able to tell this is a joke?
  8. Can I get the news story to go along with this shooting?

    Something like this had to comeup in the news somewhere...
  9. I wouldn't count on finding it...

    this is a 6 year old thread, and the OP hasn't shown his face since that time.
  10. if it's a joke it aint a cool one.
  11. he said the guy in that shot his brother was burned in the street or something, if he did it hes probably dead or in prison.

    Anyway this is like 6 years old wtf? why bump it?

  12. people die over purp.
  13. QFT

    thats fucked up man.
    so sorry to hear it, my love goes out to your family.

    these next 3 bowls are for your bro....

    but on brighter note the assshole was set on fire.
  14. I almost died on friday night, but the situation wasn't quite the same. I know how it feels to lose somebody very close to you, and I will smoke the fattest joint I have ever smoked when I get home for your bro.
  15. Damn... Even though it's an old thread, I still send out my condolences. I'm not sure if this was serious or supposed to be funny, but if it was supposed to be funny, it's a pretty sick joke.
  16. I will smoke more then one fatty for you man. I will smoke like 10. Get so fucked up I wont even remember why I am smoking :).
  17. i just packed a fat ass fuckin bowl of some dank homegrown and its all for your lil bro. and lol at setting the guy on fire
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