Killed My First Seeds

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  1. Hey all, new to this so bear with me.
    I bought some auto feminized seeds and a grow tent with equipment. But my seeds wouldn't sprout so I got curious and sure enough after digging them up they were dead. Here's what I did:

    • Soaked seeds in a glass for 24 hours
    • Placed seeds on a wet paper towel and did the paper towel method
    • Once taproot was showing what I thought was about a quarter inch I placed them in independent Solo cups. The cups were filled with fox farms ocean forest soil and had holes for drainage at the bottom.
    • I watered the cups after placing the seeds about one half inch in the soil
    • I placed the cups in my grow tent and set my lights to 18/6 at about 30" away
    • I turned on my fan and exhaust fan for air circulation
    • My temperature floated around 82 but my humidity was low at about 45 so I placed sandwich bags on top of the cups and a lot of condensation collected
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I thought I was following pretty good instructions from a website but apparently not. Thanks!
  2. Probably isn’t the only factor, but your light sounds like it was placed too far.
  3. Maybe. I started them out at 22" actually and about a day later moved them up. The grow tent just seemed too warm and low humidity so I assumed having the lights so close was the issue.
  4. If they never sprouted the light distance is irrelevant.
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  5. That’s exactly how I do it and have never had an issue. My temps are never that high but I can’t see that really being an issue. How much water did you put in the cup? When I fill the starter pot with water I do it until runoff and then place the seed in and they always sprout within 24 hours. Sometimes I place the seed just barely under the soil and get them to sprout even quicker.
  6. I didn't put enough water for runoff. I just poured about a half cup of water in each and then sprayed water almost daily. I would check by putting a knuckle in the soil and I felt like it usually needed water.
  7. I use coco coir and perlite with no additives ..soak seeds for 24 hours then presoak the mix dig the smallest hole and put a ziploc over it ..never grown autos before but I feel I have good success with seeds germinating not just pot seeds ..did you pack the soil down at all? Not hard to choke and drown a seedling

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  8. No, I didn't pack the soil down. I just swept over it.
  9. My bad. Didn’t read enough . <_<
  10. How long were they in the soil before you dug them up? They all had tap roots?
  11. Well there’s gonna be a lot of different opinions on this.. but to me.. after the initial soak you shouldn’t be spraying anymore water and all that. The bag isn’t gonna hurt but that’s totally unnecessary too. When you soak there will be plenty of water for the tap root to do it’s thing and get the girl above ground.

    You can soak the starter pot. Drop a non-germinated seed into it and set it on your kitchen table and it’ll sprout no problem. No special light. No germ. No paper towels.
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  12. Light is not necessary when the seed is underground.
    This is probably the millionth thread about problems using the soaking and paper towel method.
    Either just plant them direct or use these. No soaking or extra handling. I get close to 100% success.
    rapid rooters.jpg
    They're foolproof.
    Good luck.
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  13. I dug them up on the seventh day of having transplanted them to the soil/cup
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  14. In general, I start from clones, however I habitually start 2-4 seeds every grow. While I did use the paper towel method with success early...I discovered I could place a seed in a pencil eraser size hole in Promix peat filled solo cup, keep things moist, and have a sprout in generally 3 days. 100%. So I have a tendency to scoff at all the gyrations and products others go through with their seeds.
  15. I've heard many times that the fox farms ocean forest is hot for seedlings. This would seem to fit into your series of events. If you had tap roots sprouted and then planted them and they all died , that suggests something in your medium .
    That's my guess.
    Have you considered growing soiless?
  16. Like I say use straight peat/perlite or coco/perlite to sprout then transplant to whatever you want..idk how many people say no notes for sprout but people still wonder why they dont have success

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  17. I’ve sprouted dozens of seeds this year in OF. And so do plenty of other people. OF is not too hot.
  18. Figured I'd follow up I think I had bunk seeds. I followed the same process with a different strain and now they're seedlings
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