Killed by weed? wanna hear your opinions

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by D9_THC, Jan 21, 2004.


Do you think he overdosed on weed?

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  1. Death by Cannabis Verdict is a First

    A warning about the toxic effects of cannabis was issued last night after a 36-year-old man became the first to die as a direct result of smoking the drug.
    Lee Maisey, 36, who smoked half a dozen "joints" a day, was found dead on the living room floor of his home in Summerhill, Pembrokeshire after complaining of a headache.
    Michael Howells, the Pembrokeshire Coroner, recorded the death as cannabis poisoning, although the verdict recorded was death by mis-adventure because Mr Maisey had died while taking part in an illegal activity.
    Philip Guy, a lecturer in addictions at the University of Hull, said that "cannabis has changed. Nowadays it is a lot stronger than it used to be. It is not the nice hippy drug it once was. It is a distinct possibility that someone could die from extreme toxicity." Dr Guy said death was more likely if the drug had been eaten instead of smoked. "If you eat a large amount of it it can be deadly.


    1st Death by Dope

    A man aged 36 is thought to have become the first in Britain to die directly from cannabis poisoning.
    Lee Maisey smoked 25,000 joints during his 11-year addiction to the drug - due to be decriminalised later this month.
    He said he had a headache before collapsing.
    Yesterday a coroner recorded that single Mr Maisey, of Summerhill, Pembrokeshire, died from cannabis toxicity.
    Afterwards experts warned cannabis was getting stronger - and risks were even higher if it is eaten rather than smoked.


    what do you guys think? i think the articles (which i found in some english tabloids. can't remember which ones.) are a bit vague. and the fact that they say the guy was addicted for 11 years.
    i dunno..... i'm not saying it's impossible to overdose on weed. but i know it takes a hell of a lot. the guy must have had such a high tolerance that he could smoke so much without passing out.

    if i remember correctly the LD.50 for rats is 1.2 grams. so if you have weed which is 10% THC, then the rat has to ingest 12 grams. that's over three 1/8s man! so imagine how much a human would have to ingest.

    anyways. what do you guys think?
  2. wow. i can't believe two people voted "yes"

  3. maybe they just did it for a out......Sid
  4. wow, i'm blown away. he had to have had some neuro prob. before. idk. i can see the fact that too much isn't good. hmm. i'm stumped. really.
  5. a new autopsy was done showing the people who did the first one and blamed it on cannabis were idiots.
  6. it could have been laced shit couldn't it? or he was using another drug? plus how would they know he was "addicted for 11 years"? i dont know... sounds pretty sketchy.
  7. total bullshit..............

    What I mean to say is ,

  8. i think its bullshit and i hope it is cuz if people start diein from weed then a bunch of people will probly stop smokin and that would suck..
  9. wait....OVERDOSE??? dont you have to smoke your bodywait to overdose on weed??? were i come from if im gonna smoke my body wait thatll cost a little to much money for me to spend on weed at one time
  10. TOTAL BS! NO WAY. I mean seriously though what a bunch of dumbasses. They probably only said he died from weed because they had an oppurtunity to blame it, and besides it also said that it was going to be legalized in a month or whatever so why wouldnt they take an oppurtunity like that? I dunno maybve I'm just being paranoid but hey you never know.
  11. There had to be something different wrong with him man. Dude I know I havent been smokin as long as some of you stoners out there but I have never got sick from smokin to much reefer.

    and every pothead knows there is no such thing as to much!!
  12. This is of course bullshit.
    No huuman could ever smoke an overdose of cannabis. That would be like 20kg or something?
  13. wow that sucks for whoever that guy was least he prolly went out happy :D
  14. here, here let me spell it out for you ..b-u-l-l s-h-i-t

    lol, ok if you have to smoke your own body weight to od have to smoke 540,000$ worht of pot. alright anybody no matter how fucking high a tolerance they have would pass out waaaaaya before they od (if such a thing is possible)

    alright ..6 spliffs a day was it? ok thinking big ol english spliffs what 1-1.5grams? thats a fucking 1/4th!? .dude i could smoke a 1/4th a day and i havent been smoking near 11 years.

    this isnt a cannabis overdose ..if cannabis killed him it would have been from long term effects ..since he obvously didnt od

    and i dunno but doesnt cannabis help with migranies and headahces ..not cause them?

    also didnt this report come out right aorund the time they decided to reclassify cananbis in the uk? hm seems a little fishy to me ..hey lets reclassfy this drug because everything surronding it is bullshit and the drug is realtivley harmless ..and boom MAN DIES FROM CANNABIS OVERDOSE ... MARIJAUNA KILLS!!

    hm so see this ^^^ this all spells BULLSHIT! thats the end final finito! done finished pot doesnt kill, smoke some fucking pot and stop trying to spread lies about a substance youve never ingested and a subject you obvouilsy no nothing about.
  15. It sounds like this guy had a brain aneurism and the powers-that-be are trying to exploit the fact that he was a big smoker to make it THE tie-in to his death.
  16. I agree Phyll

    To OD on THC, you would have to consume pounds of bud. Not physically possible, much less the situation here.
  17. I'll add my two cents, Bull-Fucking-Shit.

    Just complete bullshit.
  18. Yet ANOTHER attempt by Tha Man to discredit weed!
  19. i've smoked so much weed out of a G bong that i puked and passed out from lack of oxygen in my weed stream..didnt die(and it was interesting while high). i know a guy who smoked bags and bags of hydro in a single night. its just not possible to die from weed.. just look at hippies, if hippies didnt die from it what does that tell you? also most hippies i've met are in better health than i am at age 20 and they are like what now 60? bet they outlive me. anything you hear about weed killing or even harming is complete and utter crap spewed forth from uncle sams crack to try and keep it demonized(i know uncle sam doesnt live there but the US is the reason for all the anti drug bs)

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