Killbros 1st 1.5ftx2ftx5ft DWC Hindu Kush

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  1. Hello this is my first grow and I hope it to be a success.

    The set-up: Deep Water Culture
    Space: 1.5ftx2ft.5ft Walls covered in Mylar
    6- 27watt CFL (5500k, 1750Lumens ea.)
    2-5 Gallon buckets
    6" Net pots
    General Hydroponics 3 part Flora series
    Air pump/Round Air stones
    8" oscillating fan
    5" Computer fan on top for an exhaust.
  2. Wow sounds like a good time! cant wait to see some pics!!!
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    I have had these clones for about 10 days today. I have had some up and downs already.
    You can see in the previous pics I had posted that one plant started to curl and turn yellow. The leaves were very crispy.
    I raised the lights up and clipped the dead leaves. This plant now seems to be doing fine.
    The ph was a bit much to manage in the beginning but it pretty much stays around 5.7-6.4 for both plants.
    I need to control the temps better. Outside temps are around 100 degrees. Inside my closet gets 90...I know It slows growth. I need to fix this asap. I think I need more air intake.

    my closet-
  4. I think your intake is good with that fan you have pointed at the bottom of your closet but perhaps your problem is that you need more exhaust....those computer fans are not very strong. It is a smaller cabinet, but I think a larger fan or maybe another computer fan on the opposite side of the box will help keep temps down. I had to play with my fans speed to get it circulating just right in my room and I found it doesn't have to be on full blast to work right. Everybody on GC is having temp issues right now including me (its currently 101F at 9am here)...but it is August. Good luck bro!
  5. Lookin good, Keep it up!
  6. Yah I dont normally have that fan there. It makes it really obvious that I have something going on in that closet. haha
    My thermometer reads 90 but I swear I open that closet up and it feels nothing like that.
    Another exhaust fan doesnt sound like a bad idea.
    Yah I live in a California desert. Our temps are to hit around 100 today. :(
    Thanks for taking a look at my setup and much appreciation to your suggestions.

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