Kill them or let them live!? Pics, hmm...

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    So I was sent these pictures, 9 & 10 finger leaves on this bagseed, got some possible preflowers, can't really tell what sex they are yet but they're about a month old and been in 12/12 then 11/13 for the last 10 days or so, I guess. 68w 2700k and 4 x 27w half 27-k and half 55-k CFLs. Some sort of 3-7-4 tomato fertilizer pellets... kill them or let them live!?

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  2. M-m-m-m-male!
  3. Has the jury reached a verdict?

    Death upon male!
  4. Found some badass Cubensis in my yard the other day, harveseteeed some. Thought about using the spores, still might, I attempted to encourage them to continue growing where I found them too.
  5. Yep, that was a male he said. Hopefully the remainder is probably a female
  6. other was female. apparently shes taking off
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    Dude save the spores from the shrooms. Look up how to grow them. I've grown several different shroom strains. They worked awesome. Just double check they are psilocybin.
  8. Pics tomorrow. Are mushrooms hard to grow?
  9. Pshhh, they we're both male. The one had long calyx looking sheaths over balls.
  10. no they require basically no care. a dark room thats medium temp. idk if thats discussable though..
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    Got to keep it sanitary and use bleach. I also used a seedling mat to stabilize the temp in a covered aqcuarium.
  12. Mushrooms are far easier and alot more fun to grow.
    I want to get back into growing mushrooms again. The fruits come fast and are abundant.
    Extremely cheap to grow also.
    Spores: $15... but with secret code they're $10
    Vermiculite: $4
    Brown rice flower:$4

    Cubensis FTW!
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    You got it! I like your name :)

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