Kill One Or The Other?

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  1. Yeah, so this is pretty awkward, couldn't buy any loud, so I bought 2gs of reggs one day. I noticed it had a couple of seeds in it so I was like hey might as well try growing it, this one seed was weird looking, it looked like two seeds morphed together...I planted it anyway and the pic is on the bottom. I'd always wanted to grow my own and never have to buy as much or as frequently, my question is should I kill the other plant? I don't know if it'll fit in the pot when it grows, or should I just let it grow and let it be? I always heard you needed each individual plant to have it's space? Much appreciated, and sorry if im in the wrong Section


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  2. I'd just keep it going and see what happens. It should be fine. But hey, if it fails then all you gotta do is buy more mids
  4. Seeds ocassionally throw up two sprouts.

    One usually dies on its own, so just let it do its own thing
  5. Let it be brother, either way you will want to look into a bigger pot for some decent yields. A five gallon bucket and some decent soil will barely run you $20

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