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Discussion in 'General' started by just blaze, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. for those who caught the new south park like it didn't? i think this one was much funnier than the towelie episode, i found myself chuckling throughout the episode.
  2. haha yeah it was a good one
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  3. i think its been the best one this season. i wasnt really that high and i was laughin a lot
  4. it was just thooper.
  5. Comon U Guys Im Cereal!!!!
  6. i couldnt stop laughing every time he said that.
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  7. My girl almost pissed her pants when that person said

    "What is that supposed to be? some... PIG MAN BEAR?"

    and Al Gore said "No!? Its a Man Bear Pig"
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  8. haha first episode sober this season, and this is the one i laughed the most, i'm cereal!!

    "Kyle, come on you can't block like that. I'm going to do something totally killer" [sticks tounge out :p]
  9. lmao i couldnt stop laughing my ass off...hilarious!
    i was high too though but still damn funny
  10. yea, deff a good episode. UF-Toker came over and we watched it after work. when cartman crapped out all the coins i was laughin my ass off.
  11. You guys! You gotta believe me, it's Manbearpig! I'm cereal!
    Haha, fuckin' hilarious man. Good shit.
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