Kill Bill

Discussion in 'General' started by COOL CAT, Apr 14, 2004.

  1. i'm watching kill bill and smoking a J. this is great. Whats your movie you like to get stoned with
  2. donnie darko.
  3. animatrix, 24 season DVD or waking life.
  4. I bought Kill Bill yesterday. Fucking awesome! I've never seen so many dismemberments in one movie. I'm going to watch it again today.
  5. pulp fictions a great flic. i love john travolta. i like vacation. i hadn't seen it in ages, then rented it. man i laughed. i like watching older movies. i seen this one movie "Little Big Man" with dustin hoffman in it, and he was young. i'm talkin young lol. but it was hilarious. i like way to many movies to pick just one.

    kill bill is good. i liked it too
  6. kill bill was mesmorizingly violent...

    ...great movie :D
  7. Kill Bill volume 2 is gonna be so ill this friday (haha, kill bill is gonna b ill, that rhymes). I can't wait man. And i can''t wait until i get colume one on DVD as well. O man, what an awesome movie.
  8. Check out the thread I made--called: "recomended movies while high"
    Theres some good shiz in there.

  9. right now i dont watch movies, i play online resident evil for the ps2.. but i really like to watch my futurama DVDs when im blazed. even when im not stoned, i laugh my ass off at least 5 times in every episode.. being stoned just makes it that much better.
  10. mann why they gotta hate on my name like that. i dont know if i wanna watch a movie when the whole thing is tryna kill somone wit my name
  11. Anyone catch Tarantino on Howard Stern last night?

    Pulp Fiction is always good. Requiem for a Dream. Family Guy. The Simpsons.
  12. kill bill is insane, i watched that today after smokin a J then walking around in these feilds for 2 hours. weierdest shit ever. made no sense to me.

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