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Kill Bill

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by telluride toker, Nov 6, 2003.


What did you think of Kill Bill?

  1. Loved it!

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  2. Hated it!

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  3. Didn't see it!

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  4. Wombats are funny!

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  1. I saw it last weekend. What a movie! Some people hated it, but you have to appreciate that the whole movie is a parody. Taking it seriously is a sure recepie for not liking it.
    So... go out and see it, then tell me what you thought!!!
  2. that movie was the shit...i saw it opening night....Quinton Tarentino is the shit....his movies kick ass...
  3. havent seen it, but i might go see it tomarrow.. gunna see that and the third matrix... i got tomarrow off work :D hell ya!! been workin too much latley! well happy tokin
  4. id recomend going...
  5. freakin was only in one weekend in our theater, im pretty darn unhappy!
  6. quite good film, worth going to see.
  7. Havn't gone yet, but from what I've heard from all my friends....

    The movie rocks! :D
  8. that movie was really good...i really enjoyed it...i am not a big fan of the whole violent movie scene...but i enjoyed it cuz it was done was defintely worth seeing :D
  9. Decent film, but i was so burned out when I saw it that I couldn't stay awake. Missed like 2/5 of it.
  10. I havent seen it yet, but i say it wont be able to beat the classic, Pulp Fiction.
  11. ^
    the two are TOTALLY diferent...
  12. ^^^very true

    I really enjoyed it. One girl was like "it was too gory"... The Title is KILL BILL ... enough said. lmao
  13. that sounds a bit too close to kill billy for my taste
  14. Wombats are funny though.

  15. True dat.

    True dat.
  16. I haven't had a chance to see it yet.. Maybe i will before too long..
  17. Saw it a couple of weeks ago...w/a buddy I've trained with in martial arts for many years, we got sufficiently baked before the flick...

    Quinton's definately paying homage to all sorts of Japanese & Chinese martial arts flicks in it...overall, i really liked it, especially if you apreciate those flicks and stlyes of filming its intending to honor...however, the animi was cool for a while, but I thought it was a bit too long, I 'got' the black & white fight sequence, but it made the flick seem a bit disjointed...

    I got a kick outta how everyone carried their katanas around with them, through airports, w/special sword holders on their airplane seats and motorcycles...too funny

    Urma is beautiful and I guess she does a pretty good job w/the sword, given that she has no previous martial training, but she kinda slaps it around too much (my nit-picking as a student of the sword). I really liked the final fight in the snow, but the martial arts in the Matrix (especially 'Reloaded') were superior to Kill Bill's.

    Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to Kill Bill Volume 2.


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