kill bill vol 1 (u gonna see it?)

Discussion in 'General' started by houstonstonie, Oct 10, 2003.

  1. anybody else intrested in kill bill the next film by the q man???? im gonna go buy some hydro smoke two sweets to the head and see what kind of movie i stumble into??? what about u?
  2. i might see it, i dunno. i've kind of been waiting to do a lot of stuff til i can smoke, cause i want my memories to be stoned memories. :D like i LOVE the matrix, i love guns, i love the shades/coats/whole style and i still haven't seen part 2, just cause i can't smoke.
    i heard/read (don't remember which) that kill bill will be pretty bloody, before i heard that the commercials made it look pretty weak. but now i wanna see it.
    resevoir dogs rocks!
  3. Hell yeah! Tarantino kicks ass. I can't go tonight but I'm going to try to see it this weekend.
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^
    thats pretty damn time my moms company did that for her was in an imax theater...pretty damn sweet....
    but yeah the commercials make the movie look kinda shitty but based on pulp fiction and resevoir dogs, tarantino movies kick ass so im sure this will too. I know im gonna see it, baked as hell to boot lol
  5. the paper here did a review and they all but raved about it. It didn't look that great to me on the commercials, but I may see it over christmas break with some friends.
  6. Man I cant wait to see this movie, I have never seen any other Tarantino movie, but this looks badass.
  7. I saw it. I actually downloaded it. It was a workprint, so no music (a little bit). It kicked ass, and i'm sure music will make it better.
  8. I wanted to go, but it didnt come to my theatre, it sucks ass. I wanted to see it so bad, terantino is the man. Anyone else read the cinema of cool?
  9. wow, that movie was SO fucking awsome. It was watching a real life anime and had all of my friends humor in it. Ya know? Shit was so good and cant wait to see the 2nd one. I wish they would coninue in making like 15000 vl. hehe.

    A must see and watch the shit fucking

    p e a c e
  10. Man that was to be one of the best movies ever! Ever one who has put there eyes on this thread must I repeat most see this movie!!!
  11. I know that its going to end prematurely and be a sequel.

    ill wait for the dvd.

  12. man, im looking for the song off the soundtrack when she is buying a sword, remember the song. It was really melodic japenese voice, and I cant find it!

    help me please!
  13. Oh man, that movie kicked so much ass. Me and 3 friends burned a nice 2g blunt right before, so I was pretty stoned. It was just awesome, I loved how there was an obcene amount of blood, it ruled. Im a big fan of kung fu movies and there were some kickass fight scenes as well. The best part was when Lucy Lu jumped up onto the table and sliced that dudes head off. And the blood was gushin out like a fountain, I laughed my ass off.

    Oh ya, and the cartoon was a nice surprise as well. It was sweet how it just went into it. Ya, if you havent seen this movie, YOU MUST.

    On a side note, cant wait for vol2, I hope its as good as the 1st.
  14. i still need to see that movie, but what i dont get is y are they calling it QT's 4th movie?? hes dont alot more then that or are they just counting the ones hes done only by himself??
  15. I think you just answered your own question there, sparky.

    Oh and man this film was so fucking ace! My favorite bit has to be the bit where she's doing areals from table to table- that was just cool. Oh and the anime bit just rocked... actually the bit where they're fighting on the handrail on the landing was cool... dammit I love that movie!
  16. It's worth seeing, the promos and trailers make it look dumb as hell, but it's probably the best action movie I've seen. I can't wait until Vol. 2 is out.
  17. The reason it's called his fourth film is because it is his fourth film. He's only ever written scripts which have been changed around for films before such as natural born killers, which was re-written by oliver stone and terrantino still hasn't seen to this day. He has also produced other films. But he has never made any others. Resevoir Dogs, From dusk till dawn, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill.

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