KIll a jedi's first grow 2010

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  1. I am growing outdoors for my first time, as of right now, i have 1 nirvana's blue mystic, 10 days old, currently chilling in a 3/4 mix of MG cactus palm and citrus non time release fast draining soil, and 1/4 African violet MG blooming soil.

    Now that it is out of the rooting stage and into the vegging, i will be topping and preforming its first LST session in about 2 weeks, i will then let it grow for another 2 weeks to a month, and put it into flowering. I have to be stealthy, it cant get to big, i have two cops living right across the street. Another reason why i picked blue mystic, my friend grew it last year, not much stank at all.

    I started her off indoors for about 5 days under 24/0 lighting and 4 cfls (probably around a 100 watts), she got transplanted out of her 16 oz party cup, into a good size pot, not sure of the size on it, and moved outdoors. And she has been taking off ever since.

    Her name is big fat indica leaves.

    pics soon.
  2. This her at day 9, four days after her move to the outdoors and transplant.



    here she is today, at 10 days, the pic is dark cause i took it when i brought her inside for bed time, you can kinda see that the leaves have gotten bigger since yesterday, only thing is they are all kinda of turning a bit...its hard to explain, ill take a picture in the light tomorrow, and the leaves look a bit droopy, i watered her today, its probably just cause of the transition from light to night.
  3. This is day 11, shes had been outside for ab out 6 hours now.



    what do ya think?

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