Kief Tobacco bowl review

Discussion in 'General' started by Grouchy, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. Ok guys I ran outta bud and decided I've accumulated enough kief to smoke. I knew from experience with really ground up weed that it'd just fall straight through my bowl. Well I got grape swishers last night and made a kief blunt. It was ok, but not super pleasant. Very dizzy and kinda sick to the stomach. I don't smoke tobacco. I hate it personally but don't mind others smoking. My mom smokes. I don't like it. Anyways, I made a tobacco kief sandwich with the kief in the middle. The tobacco on top was so it wouldn't burn too fast. Initial effect was dizziness, but once I hit the kief it got really nice. Now 10min later the tobacco has worn off and the kief is really kicking in. I believe it's mainly Girl Scout cookies. I would recommend on the VERY rare occasion if you aren't a tobacco smoker. Just if you ran outta bud and got kief laying around. Damn this is a long post sorry guys I'm stoned playing COD remastered listening to some snoop, dre, eminem, biggie, tupac, hhmmm NWA you know. Peace out. :love-mj:
  2. Why would you mix kief with tobacco unless your a Cig smoker?:confused_2:
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  3. Lmao why put an angry face billy?


  4. But you don't need weed to smoke kief nor do you need tobacco/a blunt just press the kief then it won't fall through the downstem :confused_2:
  5. Didn't want to risk sucking it through and wasting it, and also didn't expect the nausea from the tobacco. One swisher ain't gonna kill me. Doubt I'll do it again honestly.
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