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Kief to Oil Ratio For Hash Oil?

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by jimmycoltrane, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. I want to make edibles that work as I have a high tolerance. I have read the stickies and the guides on how to make canna oil and hash oil with coconut oil and I would like to try that after collecting enough kief to process by decarbing. My question is what ratio should I use for my oil? I would like to use the oil to maybe diffuse some into some VG and use it in a vape or in an E-cig but I also want to use some for edibles as I want to be able to go into the real world for a while without having to smoke. If I were to use bud for canna oil what ratio would i want to use for that? Thank you.

  2. Not sure about kief to oil, but to answer your last question 7 grams per half cup of oil is the general ratio I usually buy a ounce and make 2 cups of coconut oil. 4 pans of brownies.
  3. Don't smoke or vape any kind of cooking oil.
  4. Canna oil is cannabis-infused cooking oil.

    Hash oil is concentrated cannabis.

    Very different things. Do not smoke/vape canna oil.
    What I'm talking about refers to BKS Hash Oil recipe using coconut oil not pressed hash il or BHO. I'm trying to use kief and coconut oil to make an oil. I read somewhere else on the forum that you should melt Hash Oil directly into VG instead of trying to infuse it because it doesn't extract well and ends up making a weak tincture that takes forever to get you high. I was wondering would this hash be BHO then and not coconut Hash Oil? Just a little confusion on that I guess.
  6. That sounds pretty fair. I'm trying to up the dosage though and use some of the kief I collect over time because I don't really like sprinkling it (I feel like it wastes it). I wish I knew about how much stronger kief is than the bud it came from by weight so I can make some dope edibles.

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