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kief run through iso

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by OO7, May 12, 2011.

  1. from 2 g's of kief got a nice .7 block of high quality hash.
    milkshot coming soon, sorry i gotta use my webcam.

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  2. you ran hash into more hash?

    makes no sense to me dude.

    but congratulations on cutting your amount in half.
  3. thats gonna be more potent than just the kief itself as kief has some waxes n such still in it

    ppl say that oil isnt more potent than kief but it is

    thc to weight ratio
  4. I'd take 2gs of keef over .7 of hash.
  5. good shit, looks nice and light colored. it'd be nice for a pic outside of the container
  6. Few months ago I would agree but since I been dabbin/dunkin nothing compares to concentrates imo

    The 2g of kief would prob last me the same as the oil due to it being a more pure and potent product
    Not to mention the taste difference aswell as it being healthier aslong as ur dabbin
  7. See idk if it's me but Concentrates just don't hit me as hard.
  8. really???

    thats crazy talk man..then again everyone is different

    i can take a full bowl of kief.... like a .3-5 n rip that shit
    then i take a .1 dab of oil n it hits me like a truck

    a .5 of kief would get me a .25 of oil
    so 1 hit of kief at .5 or 2 dabs of oil

    i take the 2 dabs foor sure
  9. I agree with you, if I had 2g of kief I would smoke through that shit in a night. I would probably throw about .5 a bowl 3-4 times in a night and it would be done. However .7 of oil would last me at least 2-3 days of smoking (maybe only 2 days if it was the only thing I had to smoke)

  10. all that oil in a day or two? I smoke a lot but i would never go though that much that quick. What a waste of concentrates, gotta make that shit last man, a dab a day otta do lol

  11. [​IMG]

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  12. yeah cause the kief he had and the hash he made are perfectly equal in potency, right? Based on his starting mass and ending mass, it'd lead us to believe the latter is roughly twice as potent as the former. In a weird way, it's a bit like comparing mids to dank. Yeah, they all have cannabinoids in them, but the latter has far more than the former, thus you get less for the same price.

    I've never personally done it (kief's too expensive for extractions) but I hear wax and the like made from kief is BOMB.

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