kief or bud?

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  1. ok, so i have 68$ on me right now n im wondering: should i get a 8th of chron for 50 + 5$ for gas to drive to my house, or a medicine bottle full of kief for 30$ and a halfbag of bud for 25?

    now blades, knowing that- which option would u choose:

    8th of chron for 50$
    medicine bottle full of kief (from trimmings) for 30, plus halfbag of chron for 25 = total of 55.

    i kno the bottle of kief would go alot further and id jus be using it to top off my bowls cuz i already have about 4-4.5 grams of dank as it is, but is it worth it?:smoke:

    edit: i was planning on saving up another 27$ n adding it to that 68$ and getting a qtr of chron fo r90 and 5 for gas - which could be option 3.

    now which of the 3 options meets ur fancy?
  2. gotta know the weight of the kief. figeure kief can be from 45-70 percent thc (depending on how it was harvested could be more) and go from there.
  3. That's a hard choice; you might just wanna grab a Lil of both. I'd go for the kief if I was sitting on a couple gs and just sprinkle on the bowl like you said
  4. if it's kief from trimmings, then what would the purity usually be from that? and as far as i kno, he jus takes a cardboard box and a thin rag like thinner than a handkerchief and shakes up the trimmings in there to get the kief to fall thru the bottom.
  5. oh wait i jus reread that part. ok i kno all about that then, depending when they harvested will determine the clear/cloudy/amber crystals n etc on to the potency. i kno exactly whats up now, jus too lazy too explain it, especially to someone who clearly knows already :hello:
  6. If you have a grinder with a kief catcher, go with the quarter of dank. Then you'd have quite a bit of kief of your own to throw on top of shit!

    If you don't have one, I still say the quarter.
  7. I'd ask to see the jar of kief first.

  8. yea i have a grinder with a kief catcher, but my current stash is too sticky too really lose any kief even in the grinder, but maybe the next qtr will be drier. idk. but yes i decided on the qtr. buds > kief anyday hands down, only reason i asked is cuz bong hits of pure kief sounded like the tits, but i want bud, i love hte whole process of pulling a nug out of jar, grinding up, smelling aroma, taking snaps, flavour, etc:smoke:
  9. Save another $30 and get a 150w hps ballast and lamp plus some perlite and nutes.

    Start a small 2-4 plant grow with hempy buckets and get those eights for about $3.

    Plus free kief from all the trim! It's a win-win situation. Well not for the dealers :laughing:
  10. i decided to jus get an 8th of some oregon grown cuz oregon grown bud is my top choice over all others. i miss living in oregon, and i miss their bud. but anyway i decided to get n 8th and a glass sneak a toke at my local headshop cuz im sick of either smoking out of metal or having to put water in my bong then re-empty it everytime i smoke ( i still live with parents so have to go thru all the extra bs not to get caught)
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    My suggestion is to carve your own! If you liked to you can find guides on the internet or message me for guidance. Good luck!

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