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Kief is Kief, Right?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by AAckley1, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. Once collected, Kief is just kief right?

    Kief from one type of plant is the exact same as kief from another right? Because its just the crystals?
  2. Even though its the same product from the plants, different kiefs have changing highs because of the subtle differences in the cannabinoid variations.
  3. I don't think so. Certain plants are more potent than others, making its keif more or less potent. I don't think mixing keif will make it any less good though, it will still knock you on your ass.
  4. no. a trichrome from a blueberry plant has a different cannabinoid makeup than a trichrome from a sweet tooth plant.
  5. keif is only as potent as the buds it was shaken off

    schwag kief (if you can get any) or kief shaken off mids is not as good as dank kief obviously
  6. diff strains = diff kinds of kief, but as metiond before, it will kick your ass
  7. i wonder if you could tell the difference looking under a micro scope

    like forensic shit--if they can tell what color sweater I was wearin when i pulled the trigger :cool: , I think its a possibility to distinguish between two different types or grades of kief under a scope. could be totally wrong tho
  8. yes.:smoking:




  9. theres def. a color difference... kief up some brick and compare it to some kief off some kb
  10. The kif from crap bud is greener because the buds are much dryer and more makes it through the screen.
  11. golden kief is the best kief. which reminds me about a little nug of hash i still have from when i made some with my kief.
  12. It seems that people may have different opinions on what defines Kief. In my mind, its exclusively the crystals, or trichomes from the plant material. I would assume that trichomes grown under similar conditions, even of different strains, would be equally potent. However, a quick googl'ing suggests that some trichomes of a plant can contain more cannabinoids than others, so it would seem that in some conditions, certain batches of pure trichomes could potentially have more potency than other batches.

    I doubt that the differences would be noticable to the user, but I suppose it would take quite a bit of true science work to find out for sure.
  13. isnt kief the leaves of a plant????? sory if this question is kinda stupid..:confused:

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