Kief In Arizer Solo?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by clintrider, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. Just wanted to know your guys' opinion. I vaped about a gram and then realized that i was out of weed, so I cleaned out my grinder and vaped the kief. I thought that i got pretty high, but i was already blazed at the time, so I really have no clue. Has anyone had experience with kief in the Solo and/or another vape?

  2. It works for me. I have heard people say they dont like the solo for kief because it could fall in to the unit, but I have had no problems with it that I could notice.
  3. I have to vape some everyday just to keep the bottom of my grinder from overflowing. With the solo I blanket the kief between the herb. Lots of clouds, sometimes I go thru water. Gets me more medicated than a bowl of straight herb. Got-to look for a better way to use the kief up.
  4. its the best thing to vape kief in from what i've used. just hold the unit upside down and double screen it and theres no risk of it falling into the unit or you losing it :smoke:

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