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Kief Help

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lilcsog, May 26, 2013.

  1. Well i got this trick i do where i collect stems in an altoids tin and shake it(lots of crystals fall of the stems) resulting in keif. Could i put the tin in the freezer for a lil and if i do will the kief kinda like ball up? I was wondering if i could take the kief and make it into like a hash?

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  2. If its caked on there just put it in a bowl of iso and let it evaporate.
  3. you can put on top of a bowl pack (i would).  you can make hash if you know what you are doing....look around the site.  how much kief you got anyway??
  5. Rubbing alcohol..
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    1) get stems out
    2) dump out kief
    3)put in bowl of iso and put in sunlight
  7. ^You can heat the iso or put a fan on it for quicker results. But leaving it out is best.
    I'd just scrape all that you can, throw out the stems, then top my bowls with what ever is there. You could "make hash" but I don't seen the point unless you have A LOT of bud/herb/kief/etc.
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    So rasta baller..would i just put keif in a bowl and dump like enough iso to cover it all and just let it ait in the sun???When i smoke it later wont i get some weird effect from the rubbing alcohol?.....:wacko:
  9. You can put bud in the freezer for a bit and then shake it and you will have kief. But it's not actually "real" kief like if you were to get it from a box or grinder.
  10. Nope get a container of the kief you have tap it into there and all the crystals that are all stuck on your container you put in a bowl full of iso and it should evaporate and get it alot more clean and youll have some hash. Its how i clean my grinder

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