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Kief Grinders are MUY BUENO!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by B-loved MJ, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. ok everyone, how goes it?

    just thought I would say that CNC Billet aluminum grinders you could probibly buy at your local headshop with the kief catchers are the best thing to hit this market in a long time (besides vaporizers- they are the best thing out!!). I have asked a bunch of my smoking friends what they think, and only one VERY ODD old hippie doesnt like them( understandable- she makes her own clothes)so they are very popular. my main smoking friend and I love the flavor it lifts out of the buds, AND the fact it collects all the kief.... I pressed a half gram of kief into little hash nugget... top notch hash( for being keif hash).

    so basically they cost about $50-$80 depending on how big of one , or fancy of one you want. mine was $60( I like spending the titch more one things like this- the investment is well worth it) because it has a nice keif screen.

    if anything, think of free HASH!

    keep it real!
  2. dude, there's no need to post the same thing twice in 2 different forums. please delete one of these threads...
  3. Was this necessary?? 3 times????
  4. + rep for being realllllly high
  5. Please refrain from posting duplicate threads, as per the forum rules. I have deleted the duplicates. Edit: That's a good example of something that would be good a good situation to use the "report bad post" link, with a reason of "duplicate threads". Pitch in guys and stuff will be addressed even prompter, as we can't be everywhere at once.
  6. Does anyone know how Space Case high end kief grinders compare to the cheaper no name ones on ebay?
  7. space case compared to any plastic or non milled aluminum are much better, butwhen it comes to other milled aluminum from what i have seen at my local headshops is that space case has much better craftsmanship(sp). the parts just fit together better. Keep in mind the headshops near me had a shitty ass milled aluminum grinder with magnetic lid and keif cather for 40 bucks.
  8. save yourself money and buy a coffee grinder for less than 15 bucks. it'll work MUCH better than any space case you could waste your money on.
  9. I have a 30 buck ebay 3" grinder, my friend has a 4" space case, the space case is a little deeper in the middle compartment but that maybe casue its 4 inch not 3 like mine, it screws together a little easier but even though I could have bought a space case, Im plenty happy with the ebay one.

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