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Kief & Grinder

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by EastCoastToke, May 18, 2010.

  1. Okay, so I have a 4 piece grinder that catches all my Kief.. I usually just grind and shake the grinder than smoke it. Today I tried something new - after grinding and shaking I opened the 2 level and with my finger rubbed and pressed the weed against the screen, and after 5 minutes I had a lot more kief than normal. I almost nut a little bit.

    What I'm saying is, does milking weed that hard for kief make it weaker when you smoke tecnically.

    I save all my kief I don't smoke it I'm saving it for a big occassion, so I'm wondering, if saving why not milk the kief and press and rub the weed on the screen?

    If I'm not making sense I'm high.. basically, what does everyone else do and why??

  2. I mean, at that point, I think you're just grinding the weed against the screen, thus grating your bud and not technically getting kief.

    I think.
  3. That's what I'm wanting to know, more input please!! I want a pound of pure kief, not ground bud.
  4. a pound of kief? good luck.
  5. That's basically grinding weed, im pretty sure. but eh, idk i dont use my screen i lost it, i just take out the bud i ground up, and smoke it, not much of a kief person, only cuz i lost the screen though lol, i love kief, but i cant use anything as a filter to keep the bud away from the kief
  6. [​IMG]

  7. damn how much kief is that right now
  8. Uh, I believe the legal term accepted on the US Scale is a "fuckton"

  9. sweet zombie G-sus thats a lot of kief. i say not to rub the screen because u may get chunks of bud not kief. but im not too sure cuz i think kief is anything that comes off the bud when u grind it. but i could be wrong and i still cant get over all that kief shit. happy toking:yummy:

  10. the bag its in looks like one of them handy vacuum sealed bags
    thats alot of kief, but is it PURE kief?
  11. Lol the link says full melt hash so?
  12. I should have added in my post that it's not my picture, it is one I saw browsing the web and it made me say, "Anything he can do I can do better." I'm on my grind.

    However, that picture is roughly a pound of kief. I'm 90% it is pure kief, if by that you mean NOT grounded up bud.
  13. Fuck hombreee thats a lot of keif.
    I applaud you for not smoking that yet ;)
  14. i aplaud you for putting in the effort to actually save up a pound. its gonna be a funtime when you finally get there
  15. 1.4g so far, I only smoke one bowl pack a day right now.. come summer I'll be smoking and grinding WAY WAY WAY more. I'm aiming for a ounce before September. I'll let you all know my progress, every quarter ounce or so, lol.

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