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kief from stems!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by dan k, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. i got .4 or kief from 9 grams of (super dank)stems
    all i did was grind them up in my sharpstone grinder and shook the grinder for like 10 mins

    you gotta watch how much stems you have in the grinder tough otherwise it wont be effective if its jam packed

    and its just as potent as bud kief:smoking:+
  2. Pics kinda huge, but nice man, a lot of people underestimate their stems.
  3. So that's ground stems?
  4. Excellent move !!!! your gonna be super high off that stash!:smoking:
  5. No its kief from ground stems, like in a 4 piece grinder this would be in the very bottom kief catch in the grinder. Mind you he said 8 to 9 grams to have to be ground. Thats a lot of grinding.
  6. I would not mind that much grinding at all, something to do on a lazy sunday afternoon. Keif fucks me up:smoking:
  7. i have a 4 stage sharp stone and very old stems.. they look very dry lol.. umm you think i could still get keif from them? i'll have to grind pretty hard to make all those stems
  8. Worth a try, just put a coin in the ground weed compartment on the screen and as your grinding just stop and shake it and tap it firmly against a surface and youll get kief dropping down into the bottom. Definitely worth a few hours worth of idle hand work to get some dank kief. Kief topped bowls are the best.
  9. Yes they are!!! haha have you guys ever tried putting your stems in vodka? it's called green dragon and supposedly, after it sits for awhile, a few months, it ferments. it turns green, becomes a higher proof alcohol and you get high. My friend is doing this, actually. he took some and said he got drunk and high. i'll find out on 4/20 :hello:
  10. Ive a friend who reputedly makes or made green dragon but I've never gotten to see the product.

  11. you're not going to suddenly produce kief from fossilized brown stems. you'll just be sprinkling saw dust on your bud. OP specifically said he used stems with a lot of kief that he could already see on it. this is a way of getting it off.
  12. damn that off of stems 9 grams??? ive put 34 ounce through mine and i have almost the same amount as you.
  13. yeah i thought so.. i would probably just get my grinder dirty if anything, it annoying to clean. but next time i chill im def going to grind up stems
  14. yeah im sure theres a little bit of stem in there but it cant be much cause this kief is the shit.

    yeah all my stems had a lot of crystals on them cause i only smoke headies

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