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Kief catcher

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Streetlight545, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. So I got a two compartment grinder a couple months ago and I still have no lied at all. I've grounded at least a half ounce but probably more and I have nothing, just a tiny bit but not enough to do anything. Its not mids either, it's all dank. So I'm wondering is it my shitty grinder or does it really take this long to collect enough kief to at least sprinkle on a joint?
  2. i takes a long time bro, but if you find a nickel and clean it with anti bacterial soap, let it dry, stick it in the screen compartment and give her a little shake when youve got broken up bud in there itll help a lot.

    i get enough to generously top a bowl, maybe more if its real dank, this way every eighth
  3. I had the same problem, But im about to change your life.

    Grind your weed really fine, Then shake your grinder like a motha fucka, for a while.

    Then hit it on the sides, then shake again.

    Then just repeat over and over again, and ull get a dickload of kief.
  4. Huh? Doesn't take me long at all to build up a good amount. After a quarter I usually have enough to top several bowls pretty well.

    Either a crappy grinder of the bud isn't really dank.
  5. 2 compartment you say? That's probably your problem. I had one where the screen was right up under the grinder part, no chamber to let the grinded bud to fall through. It doesn't really work. I ended up poking my screen out.
  6. Your screen may be clogged. Gently press a toothbrush so the bristles unclog the kief from the screen and force it into the chamber. Bang the grinder against something after to knock loose crystals off.
  7. #7 Streetlight545, Aug 4, 2011
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    How did that work out for ya?
  8. Made it a lot better. It won't catch kief specifically, but after a few grinds you can beat it with a hammer or something and get a nice bowl topper from whats left stuck to the sides. If I save the kief, i can get a full bowl of it by the end of an eighth. so, not a TON, but a pretty nice bowl to have if you run out.
  9. ya man i can usually get decent amounts of kief off one ounce. you need a four piece grinder or a coffee grinder.

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