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kief box vs grinder

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by illogical, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. what is a kief box? i mean doesn't a grinder do the same thing? do kief boxes capture kief without having to grind it or something?
  2. ive seen a kief box, but i use a grinder/my kief compressor. i was also wondering, what does a kief box do? just collect the kief that fall off of the buds so you can scrape it?
  3. Kief boxes r sick!!! They don't grind weed up. U supposed to grind weed then place it in the kief box to chill in their till u ready to smoke it. Yes a grinder also collect kief, but a kief box is bigger and holds alot more weed the a grinder. And the bottom section where the kief falls to is a mirror so I can see ur kief easy. Love kief boxes. I need to find one. My friend use to have one. We always had kief
  4. does GC sell kiefboxes?
  5. Kief boxes ftw. You actually can "grind" your weed with a kief box. Just place your nugs on the screen and shake it. Did this with my friend's old Wikka box and we had fantastic results, both with the grinding properties and the insane-O amounts of kief collected.
  6. Kief boxes are just to store your weed, and it catchest Excess Kief for ya.

    Grinders, U grind your bud up and the keif drops down to the 4th one (if u got a 4 piece) with screen.

    I bought a grinder and never even thought about the kief box untill I read this and its been like few months.
  7. I have an idea , get a coffee table and cut out a big square , get a certain micron screen that will enable only resin to go through but no leaf even if you are rough with it , because the table would be for trimming , but personally for my buds I use snips . I dont like to loose any crystal that I could be smoking , keif boxes are overpriced too 300 bucks bubbleman can suck my balls , silk screen is like ten bucks a foot and if I really wanted to be fancy I could go get nice or rare wood from a tree in my forest
  8. Grinders will COLLECT kief.
    Kief boxes EXTRACT kief.

    Try to extract keif from a grinder, and it will be full of plant material.
    [ame=]Sifting Cannabis Leaves for Kief - YouTube[/ame]

    Remember, while collecting from a grinder, the more kief you get, the LESS kief that is in your joints.
  9. Lol. Yup. The more kief u pull from ur bud, the less high ur bud will make u.

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