Kief Box Question: Multiple Screens

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  1. I am debating between getting a Bubble Box, which has three screens, and a custom box with one screen. If the box with one screen has 75 microns, which is pretty much the same as the smallest screen on the Bubble Box (70 microns), will I obtain the same quality of kief? If it is the same, what is the point of having additional screens?

  2. I've got the Bubble Bros box, and I couldn't tell you what the difference is, but I sure like having 3 screens, seems like I get the maximum amount of kief available on the bud.
  3. Do you shake the box to get the maximum amount of pollen?
  4. I wouldn't shake it. Unless you are actually trying to get a shit load of kief. Otherwise I feel it to be kinda damaging to the bud as you are shaking all the potent THC off of the greens.
    But thats just me.
  5. I might have to pick one of these up, my grinder sucks so bad

  6. Yeah that makes a lot of sense, with the three screen models, what do you do with the material that does not make it to the bottom. Does it contain active compounds or is it worthless?
  7. Is still plant matter with THC. Most people make different types of hash with the different screens. Whatever you do is up to you.
  8. 3 screens you will get 3 different qualities of kief, 1 screen you will get one quality.

    comes down to preference and what you're gunna use the kief for.

    kiefing is good when you want to rip people off(pretty unethical)

    for your own use, or if you vape bud then its worth it to kief so you can smoke that...since ur getting most thc out the plant thru vaping
  9. I grind up my plant matter and I end up using it for my volcano. I usually combine all three screens worth of kief too, I know it's no the smartest, but it works.
  10. In the case that the 1 screen is almost the same size as the bottom 3 screen then what you will be getting is the other layer of lower quality keif. It wouldn't make the bottom level any more pure, but you would have more keif that would otherwise most likely just sit at the bottom of the top layer of the box for awhile. Either way you will get to smoke it all, its just a matter if you want a layer of lower quality keif, or if you would rather just have that with the shake when the box is almost empty.
  11. I have always used a single screen box. 3 screens just seams over kill for me, but I can definitely see its advantages.

    I dont shake my box. I just let it accumulate naturally. It seams to be better quality when I do it that way. :D

    No matter what u get I think havin a weed box is a great investment.

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