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Kief Bowls

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PeacefulStoner, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. So i've been saving up my kief for a rainy day and i just ran out of bud, plus its raining outside.

    I weighed all the kief i had collected and it weighs 1.2 grams and im gonna smoke straight kief bowls.

    Never smoked a bowl with all kief, just bud with kief sprinkled on top.

    So i dont know how baked im gonna get, but hopefully very :smoke:
  2. I have one had 1 keif bowl so far and oh my god.

    See you tomorrow:)
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  3. Good shit man... im pretty jelly i just toked a res bowl =(

    you gotta do waht you gotta do though.... shitty day
  4. Luck I wish you Young Obi-wan.
  5. Make a small screen so it doesn't just get sucked in. Or make a stem plug.
  6. I remember my first (and only so far :() kief bowl. I lit that shit, and it burned so fast I took the whole bowl in one hit by accident. Coughed my lungs out for 5 minutes, coughed so much I was seeing the little stars lmfao.

    Then I was high as fuck for 3 hours, got that really giggly high from the kief

    Have fun bro!
  7. rainy days make smoking indoors more fun. its april here and snowed the other day, shitty 420 weather. its getting better but rainy thats april, so inside toking :D
  8. you should of put some weed in it would burn slower
  9. cheers to you!

    i'm about to put a nice little mountain of kief on my bowl. see you in space!
  10. it is very much fun some times ill hit one then sit on the couch and wake up like four hours later still blazed also for future you should look for a press they are great for making a little kief cake aka grinder hash aka biscuit, aka get me high as shit shit lol
  11. Take a .2 of it and smoke that keif is something to be treasured and horded.
  12. I have been doing wake and bakes and afternoon tokes everyday since four twenty x)
  13. Am I the only one that coughs like a bitch after a bowl of just kief? Honestly, that shit makes me look like a noob and i've been smoking just under 7 years.
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  14. how long it take u to collect that much?
  15. I smoked a fat kief bowl out of my bong the other was nice but I thought it was going to be more intense. Now id rather just throw half keif halfbuddd on the mix. I find that way better. Atleast to me. What I really wonder is what you can you do tothe keif to make it more potent.
  16. I smoke keif bowls all the time!! I love them!! The will put u to the moon!! I'm smokin a bowl of Lsd keif right now!!
  17. Your in for an adventure, first time i did i was high for hours

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