Kief bowl - HALK DANK

Discussion in 'General' started by Ajs, Mar 19, 2012.

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    Edit : sorry title is meant to be Half dank,

    Isnt it beautiful,


    I wanna see your bowls, kief hash oilz dank EVERYTHING,
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  3. My apologies i did try and post in the appropriate section but since it was a piece and herb post i overthinked it and just posed in general ;) feel free to re-direct this post were you see it fit !
  4. Looks like that one was a hitter. Nice!
  5. Nice man..I just recently got a grinder and my keif collection is getting pretty big. It gets me super high but ive noticed that I also get really burned out and tired when im coming down, or at least more than usual. Still love it though
  6. I usually end up taking naps, can call em kief naps :p
  7. Wish I had some kief, just smoked the last of my hash which wasnt too good anyways. Picked up 2 grams one of some tahoe og fukin amazing havent smoked it yet. And the other some great diesel which has no smell but looked alright and was 10 so I gave it a try and Im not really liking it gonna roll it all in a blunt

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