Kids taken from mmj patient

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by sgtstadanko, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. My only question is why she's feeding her babies totally nude?

    I mean.. wtf?
  2. It's butte county we got some weirdos up
  3. Well I mean.. that might be a reason to take away her kids.

    It's messed up they took her kids away for using pot, but atleast wear some pants around your babies.
  4. thats pretty fucked up, and damn... 15 months, and 3 months.... she had literally 3 months inbetween pregnancies... which im sure was already a pain in the fucking ass.... then has her second kid, and 3 months later AGAIN, has to go through some whack life ruining bullshit......

    What the fuck????
  5. Bullshit? Nah. They just busted a couple of folks living out in the middle of nowhere growing dope for a living. You know it - I know it. Get used to it - there's a new boner for medical, especially in norcal. Wouldn't have that problem with legalization.

  6. It doesnt say shit about them growing anything, says it was due to them being medical patients, and on those grounds alone
  7. That article says that, but what do you expect from a one-sided rag? Do you think that is the only news about these people? If someone is living out in the sticks of Butte County and they don't have a straight job and aren't independently wealthy, well they're probably doing something illegal . Charges for these people are below:

    Felony Cultivation, Possession for Sale and On Jayme Walsh Manufacturing a Controlled Substance other than PCP
  8. As always, the comment section has been populated by the most ignorant fucking retards to ever walk the planet.

    But in all seriousness, put some clothes on you dumb bitch when the cops are getting ready to take your picture.
  9. why do you think they are ignorant fucking retards? just curious who you mean by that?

    also why should she put clothes on? how do you know the cops took that picture?
  10. apparently the only way to breast feed a child is by being fully clothed and then pulling a single breast out. I'm not a woman, but if I was I would walk around my house all day in panties and if I had to breast feed to kids at the same time I'd sure as shit take my shirt and bra off. I mean cripes, I take my shirt off when I take a dump!
  11. What's wrong with being naked around babies? They don't give a fuck. It's not like they're 12 and seeing their mom's tits for the first time since they were sucking on 'em.
  12. Keeping this family in my thoughts, sucks they had to be torn apart on some weed charges

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