kids are terrible now a days!

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  1. So this afternoon, I was leaving the grocery store, and some little 12-14 year old kid tried to rob me. He was with his little girlfriend, and pulled a knife on me. He was like give me all your money, or your going to get hurt. I said why dont you put the knife down and lets see who really gets hurt. The cocky little bastard went to stick me, I grabbed his arm and twisted it behind his back and pushed him up against a car. I decided I didnt want to call the popo, I dont get down like that. I did however decided the kid needed a lesson in what he is doing to people. I took his knife, his wallet, and his weed. I threw the wallet away (didnt really need his pathetic little 20), smoked the weed, and im still playing with the knife. I just cant believe little kids are trying shit like this

    EDIT: im really thinking its time to move the hell out of this town, crime is getting out of control
  2. I'm sorry bro, no matter how old I am, if a 12 yr old wanted to pull some dumb shit on an adult like that, I'd straight kid that little punk in the head.

    Might kill him, but I was defending my life, said he was going to come up and kill me cause I was white. :D
  3. good call man. . . like how you handled it. id do the same thing, maybe take his cash and give it to a homeless dude or something. but good job. i wouldn't have botherd with the cops either. just another one through the system. maybe your way of handling things might open his eyes.
  4. Dude... If some kid ever pulled a knife on me, I'd fuck him up. Seriously. I'd do it if they pulled a gun, too... So long as I was close enough to the person...

    Props on showin that little brat up, and for not kickin the livin shit outta him.
  5. You handled that really well man, hopefully he learned his lesson. So many kids try to act hard these days and a bunch of them are ending up dead for stupid shit like this.
  6. I woulda kicked that little fucker in the throat, and cut up his clothes and shoes and shit. Made him look liek a fool.
  7. that happend to me i work at a gas station and i threw him out the door literally and took his $ but im 18 and he was probably 14 so i didnt look like i was beating up a kid lol
  8. I dont want to be like the rest of people here and say "i would of kicked the shit out of him" but i would restrain him to the point where he wouldnt be hurt and where i could take some of his belongings like you did and maybe just tell him "dude dont mess with people go make a hard days work and you will be proud and satisified"

    maybe a more buddhist approach but im glad you didnt get taken advantage of!
  9. "You know what happens to people who have knives?! THEY GET SHOT!"

    -Weeds, Season 2-3 can't remember. Conrad. :D
  10. i dont think its a trend, some kids are just really bad kids

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