Kids and Dinosaurs

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  1. You ever wonder why almost all little kids like dinosaurs as young children?
  2. Not really lol but if you have some sort of conjecture I'll be glad to read it .
  3. Haha no I don't, it just dawned upon me. Like there's little kids who like different things with no reasons, like cowboys, or knights, or egypt, or native americans, or wizards, or whatever, but like.... ALL little kids like dinoaurs, but why?
  4. They remember their past lives as dinosaurs and remember how cool it was to be a dinosaur. No homework, no chores, just stomping around having a good time
  5. I think its obvious dinosaurs are the coolest fucking toys ever...

    then you move on to army men.


  6. Haha this is along the lines of what I thought, it's the earliest "animal" we could remember being incarnated into.

  7. What do you think of ET incarnations? Do you think we can/have incarnated on another planet before?
  8. I think it has more to do with dinosaurs being extinct animals. When you get a dino as a kid your parents usually tell you that they don't exist anymore, but have existed.

    Mythical animals who look like badass giant lizards? Insta-appeal.
  9. This can and does happen, however, one would be incarnated onto Earth from a lower planet, not a higher one.

  10. I agree somewhat. I think you can chose to go to a "lower" form if you wish to teach people to help them along.

    Like if your on some super advanced planet and you decided to incarnate on earth to help some people reach a certain higher consciousness or whatever you wanna call it.

    But I don't think you can do that until you reach a certain "level" after thousands/millions of once you become enlightened or whatever you can come back to a lower level and help people.
  11. What starts an incarnation do you think? Does "god" just say, "oh, you get a fresh one"?
  12. What do you mean "starts" and "fresh". As in when is a Spirit incarnated for the very very first time?? All of you billions of years ago were inhabiting minerals, a little sooner you were plants, sooner still you were animals, and now you are man. Next stop is Gnosis, the question is how bad do you want to get there, or will you just be content with riding along blindly with the end of the Kali Yuga nearing.

  13. What does Kali Yuga mean?
  14. Well I mean, obviously there are more humans on the planet (same for extraterestrials I'm sure) then in the past.. I'm just curious where the new souls come from?

  15. this, its cuz they don't exist anymore inspiring wonder, and are fucking badass, inspiring badassery.
  16. Imagine if they were still around! lol. I doubt humans would feel as powerful..
  17. Sheeeit I used to fuckin love dionsaurs as a kid, like more than alot of other kids, shit I still think they're badass.
  18. Kali Yuga is one of a few cycles the world goes through, the Mayans talked about it as well. At the end of this Kali Yuga, the world will be "destroyed", because there are too many humans for the Earth to sustain (well there will be), and the majority of man will die off and we will start again from scratch.

    As far as where do new souls come from, everything is constantly evolving, even God is evolving. What you have to understand is the concept of Infinity. Our universe is limited, and our God has it's God, and that God has it's God, on and on and on.

    Many people today are first time incarnations as man and came from animals and other sources as well. It's why so many people are so concerned with living animal lives, obsessed with greed and sex and glutten.

  19. [ame=]YouTube - Dave Chappelle MTV Cribs Parody[/ame]

    1:40, dave chappelle disagrees.:cool:

  20. When will this Kali Yuga come?

    This sounds similar too ascension if you read through the lines a bit.

    Is it possible that at the end of this cycle instead of us all dying off, we somehow become a galactic species and we will colonize other planets and/or live in space craft?

    I don't think that idea is too far fetched...I believe the government already has that ability to do this, but they keep it hidden. Well that's my opinion anyway through the research I've done.

    But yea I think it's something to count as a possibility.

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