Kid trys to rip me off, and leaves his GF to deal with it! WTF?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Addicted, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. Ok, so the town is going through a bit of a dryspell right now. And the prices are whacked at 70 an eighth, and I wont pay that!

    Anyway, now that you know my background here is the story. I get a call from a bro that he found some guy who had a 1/2 for 120, said to be some decent shit. So I take a ride with a few of my bros to go take a looksy. Make it to the fucking park, and pull up beside this girls car, BS a min, she tells me he will be here in a sec.
    So I am bored decided to fucking rage a bit(bad day don't ask). He shows up shortly, then leaves as fast as he came. Go up to this sweet lady and she rolls her eyes a bit, I ask her what's up. First thing she does is apologize and hands me a tiny cellophane wraper... WHAT THE FUCK weighs it out at 5.4, and it was seedy schwag!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm pissed, needless to say. I probably flipped my lid a little hard on that one. Just was really weak in my opinion.

    Who the fuck would do that to somebody? Let alone your girlfriend! Trust, issue much? She was chill though after she calmed a bit, she had a look of terror when I was cursing her boy though. (like full on trembles, probably thought she was going to get crushed on). Turned out well though, she smoked us up. Asked me to fuck up her boy. AND I got her digits!

    So my Q is should I beat his ass still? Or is smoking his stuff for free and fucking his girl enough.

    Going to have to import buds if I want to smoke some now.
  2. im not giving advice to kick someones ass, but i damn well know id probably beast on someone that did that to me. probably? i WOULD.

    120 for 5.5 of shwagg. shit, my TEMPER would have taken over.

  3. Have no idea how unbelievably pissed I was.
  4. so wait... this guy tried to pass off 5.1-2 (i think those tiny cellophane wrapers are .2-3) as a 1/2?

    And he tried anyways to pass off $120 for a 1/2 of schwag?

    Id be speechless... never seen a skimp like that before... kids like that... no business ethics... don't deserve the fine MJ because all they care about is money... and iv seen too many greedy dicks tryna sell weed in my time to give a shit about what happens to a guy like that... I think you know where I'm going with this...

  5. lol yea i do. where im from people get jacked on the regular. its bullshit. my dealer just got robbed.
  6. Seriously how it gets around here when it's dry, let the pillage begin.

    All about money!! Failures at life!
  7. yea this kids krama is gonna fuck him up..
  8. Pillage the village. Fuck that kid up then fuck his girl. I have a relatively good temper that i have learned to control over the years but that pretty fucked bro.
  9. Mountain out of a mole hill.

    Dont take your buisness to him again.
    Dont risk getting into shit over doing him in.
    Best just to avoid him and spread the word about him.

    Enjoy your free weed and your booty call!
    If i stopped to 'make dissapear' everyone who pissed me off,
    The population would be somewhat smaller.

    Be the bigger man....then ask his girl if you really are the BIGGER man....:D
  10. Yeah, that is pretty fucked up. Either put a 9mm to his head and get your money back and some, beat the shit out of him, or just pistol whip the fuck out of him. Oh yeah and then fuck his girl.

    Edit: This is what I would personally do, make sure the guy wouldn't rat you out to the pigs or anything. Be safe.

  11. I didn't spend shit! I got a shady feeling from the get go so I insisted I look at this particular bag. Garenteed he's snitch, just a punk ass suburban kid trying to front like he is from the ghetto.

    My thoughts exactly! Avoidance is a killer though, cause ill probably just flip when I see him... goose fraba!!!

    Kid seemed like a young buck, maybe 16-17. Probably thinks he's a dope drug dealer. Silly bitch prolly just bought a quarter and tryed to turn a dime into a dollar.
  12. Fuck the kid's gf and be done with it, my only question is why you paid upfront before seeing the bag weighed out in front of ya.

  13. Didn't pay for shit, I weighed it just to see how much that shit was off. Seriously has to be one of the biggest percentage shorts Ive ever heard of.
  14. You got free weed then? SCORE!
  15. why didn't you put that fool down right then and there? don't make sense to go back and bruise that fool now...just fuck his lady and be over with it.

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