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kid stole my weed what should i do?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 93TheHitStick, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Basically we bought a lot of weed together smoked like half of it and i left the other half it his house and we were gonna smoke it the next day. He skipped school for the rest of the week then when i saw him yesturday he says "aww bro my fault i smoked that shit but ill have your money on monday" people have been saying he says hes not gonna pay me back. I dont really wanna fight him because he is like a third of my size literally and i could probably rip his head off. I'm not even that mad about it its only like twenty bucks i want my money but ill feel bad about beating him up it would be like a guy who is already huge beating up a twelve year old. Lol hes not 12 though. But at the same time i feel that i should set a precedent and make an example of what happens to kids who try to janx me. But idk what do you think i should i do?
  2. Well personally that's a big deal to me. IMO he was disrespectful and stole your weed. Now, if he makes good on it then I'd say it's cool but let him know that he won't be keeping your half of anything from now on.

    If he doesn't make good, don't beat him up, just cut him off. 20 bucks is a cheap lesson when it gets you away from a fucktard. Make sure to inform your friends.
  3. be cool about it and tell him you need the money 4 or 5 times over the course of a week or two, after that tell him youre gonna have some serious problems if you dont get your money or weed back.
  4. Tell him "Hey wheres my money?" If he says hes working on it give him a day or two to get your money and warn him that if he doesn't have your money you'll be seeing him soon. I had a friend go buy me a dime before and he took forever and i thought he was going to try and rob me since he didn't answer his phone or texts, so i sent him a text that said "Hey if your trying to rob me just remember I know where you live." not even a minute later he calls me saying he fell asleep and that BS and I got my money the next day. Point of the story you have to be strong and firm and if you have to threaten him.

    TL;DR Be firm and do what you have to do, don't get punked and lose your money get your money back.
  5. people who don't honor debts arent honorable people and you really dont want them as friends. if they dont have the respect to pay you a mere 20 dollars, you shouldnt respect them either. I'd let him know that after a few weeks and just never trust the fool again. His loss, right?
  6. He said he'll pay you back on Monday. Today's Sunday.
  7. You must murder the guy. It is the only civilized way to make your point known :devious:.
  8. You split the bag. You dont leave somthing you paid half for at somones house. There is no sense in that..if you cant weigh it you have a "bud draft". not talking about beer. Im talking about where you each take a turn picking out a bud of equal you will learn.....that sux:(
  9. 40$ =/= alot of weed. no matter who you are. lol
  10. Doesn't matter how much it is if you let him get away with it he'll try it again and I personally don't like to be punked like that and if someone does that to me and won't pay me back i'll do what i have to do, its all about the principle to me :) If they have a legit excuse thats fine I have friends who have to take a few extra days or w.e to get money since they aren't as well off as I am and thats understandable.

    Oh ya make sure you cut him off or if you really don't want to do that don't leave anything at his place hes a weed fiend imo and cant be trusted
  11. #11 Free The BIRDS, Oct 10, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 11, 2010

    lmao we bought alot of weed man, 40 bucks worth

    haha u sure you' guys arent 12 :smoke:

    hahaha i make myself laugh

    do i think you should beat someone up for 20$? a friend too

    i think you should get a job kiddo (and im only 20)

  12. that is what i do when i split bud with a friend like that but i dont do that often cuz i rather just get bud by myself.....and dont beat the kid up over 20 dollars just not talk to him again
  13. yeah im not saying he shouldnt do anything, but 40 is like 2 grams of dank 4 grams of mid street prices here.... i mean i have a connect for 60 an O but i doubt thats this kids situation or he wouldnt be asking about how to get his half o back lol.
  14. Don't beat him up, just tell him that you want $30 worth of weed for the trouble.

    Today's monday, wonder what happenin.
  15. if he doesnt have the money on monday, tell him you want it by tuesday. If he doesnt have it by tuesday, dont go and beat him up over it, its $20.. thats not worth beating someone up. IF he doesnt have it, consider it a loss. Its not worth beating someone up over $20
  16. Hes not really a friend i met him like this week and i know now he obviously isn't trust worthy. And idk what you are talking about but times are hard 20 dollars thats like 40 tacos from jack in the box...

  17. i support what the other guy is saying. its $20 bucks, and the guy could press charges. Think about your actions. if it was $100, thats a different story
  18. [ame=]YouTube - Funny Family Guy - I Want My Money!!![/ame]

    Haha pretty much sums up what you should do.
  19. Hmm. You guys split a 40 sack and he smoked half without you, if he doesnt pay you back, forget about it and consider it a lesson learned. Dont leave tree with people you dont trust. If youre that pissed over $20 worth of dirt weed youre a loser.;)
  20. Fuck that kid, give him some weed laced with poison ivy and teach that cocksucker a lesson. If your a little bitch and do nothing about it, people are gunna step over you. Sorry for my language.

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