Kid Shot with BB guns.. HILARIOUS

Discussion in 'General' started by woke 'n toke, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. LOL why didn't the kid fucking move...
  2. lol, my friend shot my with a co2 pellet gun once, they hurt like fuck the pellet stuck in my back
  3. retarded as all hell.
  4. That put me in a good mood ha.:p
  5. haa good laugh :D
  6. ive seen this before ive heard its actually a co2 powered airsoft gun
  7. No, its not a CO2 powered airsoft gun.

    Its a paintball gun- from the sound of it a stacked tube blowback.

    Paintballs don't hurt at all, that kid is just a fat pussy.

    And shame on anyone for shooting a paintball gun at someone whos not wearing a mask. In the sport of paintball, wearing a mask is the most important rule.
  8. Fake IMO. At 24 seconds he smiles before it quickly cuts to a new scene. Had it been real, he probably wouldn't of smiled.

  9. yes, i've known this but I didn't want to ruin it for people. haha

  10. Lol yeah, I was going to do the same thing till I realized the top comment said it. So I figured oh well. :)
  11. ohhh haha yah i see what you're saying, the comments on youtube. still, it's funny cuz you know it hurts and he doesnt enjoy getting shot haha.
  12. on a complete side note

    youtube has been running way slow for me, anyone else having the same problem?
  13. That kid is such a pussy it angers me. It's an airsoft gun, those things are weak as hel. If someone was shooting me with an airsoft gun (a spring powered one nonetheless) I'd jump out of bed and clock them in the jaw, take the gun and shoot them in the face.
  14. That is classic early 21st Century internet humor.
  15. Hah I know man, those things are fucking plastic BBs!

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