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Kid lied about smoking me and friend up

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by g tubes, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. About 2 weeks ago this kid from my school called me and a buddy while we were at his house ripping his bong. We just ran out of nugget and he says to us is it cool if he comes he just picked up and will smoke us up. We thought that was awesome and told him to come on over. When he shows up he brings about 3 grams and packs the bong once to himself. After the bong is cashed he puts his weed away and just goes into my friends kitchen and starts eating all his good food. He pretends to be high for about 5 hours off one pack and I could tell he was faking because I've smoked with him before where he actually got high and when I asked if he was gonna actually smoke us up he acted like we were being dicks. Well that kid is never gonna be able to come back to my friends house or mine again. I wouldn't have said anything if he didnt call and ask if he could smoke with us. Then when I'm about to leave he asks for a ride home even though he lives about 2 towns away in the opposite direction. It was cold out so i gave him a ride but that's the last time i ever answer that kids call.
  2. dont be so nice man thats when people take advantage i wouldve told him fuck you you smoke me and my buddy out now homeboy or your walking your ass home. what nerve!
  3. You shoulda dropped him off somewhere in the woods and let him walk home.

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