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    So here's the deal...

    I live in Colorado and maintain an operation with one of my buddies. We have a steady yield and by mid-November, I should have roughly $3000 in cash that I am going to spend on 5 different glorious pieces! Imagine walking in the your favorite head shop and dropping 3 grand on the nicest pieces you wanted.. i.e kid in a candy store. The only question is: what glorious pieces shall I by? This is where you guys come in.

    Please GrassCity... Tell me which 5 pieces I absolutely need to purchase with $3000! Please only reputable names, and models. Don't just tell me to get a Roor, but what perc, how many, bottom shape, length, etc.

    This is actually going to happen so I'd appreciate it if everyone would offer some true insight to my dillema. :D


    The YPD
  2. I think you should get a matching custom collection, and with $3000 you could get a pretty ill setup
  3. Go with any sheldon black line...he has got some sick glass. he has beaker bottom, flat bottom his bubblers are classy as well. has sandblasted logo on every piece of frosted glass..sick sick sick thick glass too
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  5. Ive considered illadelphs, but I decided that i would be a much happier man with buying multiple pieces all costing around $600... Some brands that im particularly attracted to already are phx, hi si, sovierngty, ads, illadelph, roor, and yes i have seen the black like they are quite sick ha
  6. At least one of your pieces has just got to be a Sovereignty! Those things are fucking BEAST!!! Check out the Peyote/Pillar stuff over at ALT (PM me if you don't know what ALT is).
  7. You need a toro
  8. Azire extrem vape 300
    Sg Pillar 1000
    Lw 15arm bubbler (not sure 250?)
    50inch plasma/LCD 750-1000
    Entry level Dslr 300-500
    Mini fridge 200
  9. I'd say you need a Sovereignty, Toro, Illadelph, StoneGlassWorks, US Tubes. Atleast 1 heady slide, and a trashcatcher.

  10. haha I have a smoking dojo planned out for my house that im purchasing next year greatdayne, so ill save the furniture and accessories for when i have that
  11. haha

    This reminded me though, you should get a vaporizer to hit through your bongs. Let me know if u need some good suggestions.
  12. HE is a brand, not a single person. But OP, get a SG Pillar, Illy Coil, LW Inline, Roor/ Lux Triple, etc. The choices are endless...or get something custom made, that is my best advice. Can't go wrong with something you design personally! :bongin:
  13. SGW Waffle bubbler

    SG Stemline

    SG Stemline to Gridded 12 or 8

    SG Peyote Pillar

    SG showerhead AC

    Royal worked IP slide

    Sling slide

    Oil specific rig if you smoke oil (w/ Ti nail/dabber/stand. Worked dome & dish)

    You could probably get if you really shopped around, or for less than 3k I don't know. Chances of you having a good headshop around you though...

  14. I do want to do this one day... but i have concept designs for percs that would just be very expensive and time consuming to produce

  15. I think Im gonna cop a volcano while im it :D
  16. How about buying 1 or 2 pieces and then save some money and smoke a little harvest.

    Don't waste your money? :confused:

  17. If i were a rational person, then this is what i would do. IF.
  18. ^now thats the right attitude
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    Artist collab or custom toro circ/circ - 900 - 2x circulator percs, high volume, stemless, quality scientific and artist work
    Toro trashcatcher + swiss army - 325 - versatile (bub and ashcatcher), high percolation volume, several different models/percs to choose from
    Sheldon black mini perc - 250 - replace with any label you want. Lightweight/portable, sturdy, quality tokes
    Heady handpipe/spoon - 300 - Functional art
    Volcano or preferred vape - 300-700
    Accessories - rest

    Then you have plenty of cash left over to outfit them with heady slides, worked/performance down stems, accessories, bags, and all of that. It's a good mix. You have a great day to day peice with an incredible ash catcher. The ashcatcher can be used as a bubbler on it's own, which is great too. A travel tube with a reinforced perc, only like 14". Then you got a vape, the coolest pipe any of your friends have seen that will also be super sturdy, and everything will be outfitted to the max.

    Keep the philosophy, change the items and labels up as you wish, and you'll be really happy. Everything listed will be available in most quality shops
  20. Idk what else, but definitely get a really nice dry pipe, cause they are always handy and I feel like after you smoke a bong for a while it is really nice to go back to a hand pipe. It's just very relaxing.

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