kid freaks out in taco bell

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Hippy_Hay, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. 2day i was with my dealer and his lil bro, (hes 15) and just were about to get our food. hes just in a daze. all of a sudden hes yells " Im trippin!," followed by "im freakin out" all calm and almost passes out knocking over a sign in taco bell. to make this even funnier than it already is let me describe this crew i was with. he looks like a neo hippy, long blonde hair, pink floyd shirts all around except me, another neohippy with him and my dealer, who looks like the mold for what a stereotypical dealer looks like. hes fine now but damn was it funny.
  2. haha thats almost as good as the time i came to 9th grade algebra class on cocaine the middle of the class i asked the teacher completly out of random if i could go wash my hands and throw up.i said that haha.and when i came back i fell down and knocked my chair over.ahh high school.i miss it.
  3. yeah reminds me of the time i was going to court for robbing a crack addicted clown while i was tripping on mescaline. i asked the judge if he wanted a juice box, when he said NO! i took it so seriously i smashed the juicebox in the clowns face and dropped kicked the judge.
  4. LMAO your pretty funny
  5. Hahaha cocaine!!!!!!!

  6. hahahh my 10th grade first period history class was NOT fun all coked out, but i didn't do anything funny to make it worthwhile hahah

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