kid freaked out for 10 minutes.

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  1. i was my my friends house, and we were about to smoke up when his friend shows up on a bike, he says he hasnt smoke before, so be decide to burn him out.

    My friend rolls a joint with his weed (which was total schwag) and it didnt get any of us high, so i bust out my pipe and load a bowl of some white widow, it amazed them how much better and stronger it its white widow, or course its going to be stronger.

    the kid who hasnt smoked before starts complaining that he hasnt gotten high enough, acting like a total douchebag because we just sharred our herb with him.

    he was walking around like "this is weed? im not feeling anything." i was about to leave because this kid was being a bitch. But then he just sat down and didnt say anything.

    eventually he starts mumbling to us "i think i too too much" and he looks really freaked out, me and my friend are just like "whats wrong with you?" were just like standing around playing guitars while he freaked out.

    he called out for water, my friend puts the water right in front of him, he doesnt notice it, and forgets hes thirsty. he then starts accusing us of purpousfully giving him too much weed when he blatantly asked to smoke more than necissary but i think the bowl of white widow was too much for him.

    hes just like freaking out in the chair looking around frantically like scared out of his mind hahahaha. and he kept asking "how long does this last?" i was like "a couple of hours man" which freaked him out even more

    then he just snaps out of it, gets up and walked outside. I leave laughing my ass off.
  2. I would've kicked him out after the first time he bitched...
  3. me too, yet he wasnt my friend and wasnt at my house, but i really wanted to. I think he got the punishment he deserved.
  4. lol he was probably tripping balls dude, you have to remember that the first time you get high is pretty trippy. not to mention it was white widdow lol
  5. LOL. At least he didn't toss all over your friend's house.
  6. lol it looked like he was about to.
  7. Yeah, no shit.

    I think the medical term for it is "pukanoia". :D
  8. Nice, haha. I'm going to use that...
  9. sounds like he's not a big smoker...

    or never had some quality bud...
  10. no, he isnt just not a big smoker, he had never smoked weed before, and never seen bud.

    yet he thought he could handle a good burn sesh lol.
  11. Kid had no idea what he was getting himself into lol
  12. awww man wat a weeny how bout next time you guys brun white widow just hit me up i'll fill in for him:D
    nah seriously tho i think that was just too OG for his first time
  13. I refuse to smoke newbies out unless they're a personal friend of mine. For this exact reason. You don't know how a kids going to handle it, if he ends up a weenie you're looking at baby sitting this fucker for the next 4 1/2 hours til he sobers up ...
  14. nah man he only freaked out for 10 minutes like the title explains.

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