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Kid Dies from smoking out of plastic

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MrBongToker420, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. The only response I have is *sigh*.
  2. This is sad...but come on...

    Smoking spice out a of PEZ dispenser? That's just fucking retarded.
  3. natural selection life goes on

    (sorry jus gotta be smarter than that)
  4. Damn....

    He must have been using the pez dispenser pipe for some time, I doubt a onetime use would destroy his lungs even if it had melted somewhat.

    Sheer stupidity (or lack of education) killed this boy
  5. That's fucked up.
  6. My first question is why is he blonde in one photo and a wranger in the next.

    Can't wait(Sarcasm) for 2012 all bongs illegal in my state, Going to see a lot more of this.
  7. real sad, but to be honest i hope marijuana or anything related is not blamed for this and he did not fuck it up somehow for the rest of us.

    rest in peace to him though
  8. ^ If anything its time for us to strike with the argument "Legal Buds and Illegal smoking devices are killing our youth"
  9. Fuck. I used to smoke plastic pipes and such all the time.
  10. Rest in peace lil man. Dude shoulda made a thread on GC first,

    "Smoking spice out of a pez safe?"

  11. Goes to show; any of the people who post their "awesome home made devices" on GC could easily die.

    Stop smoking plastic. My local headshop sells $10 glass pipes to any kids over 14, too bad his obviously didn't.

  12. Is it wrong if this made me laugh?
  13. Fuck. Ive smoked out of some stupid shit too, but that's so fucked up. just makes me sad.

  14. No, this kid should get a Darwin Award.
  15. He should get a Darwin Award.
  16. I smoked out of plastic AND tinfoil when I was underage and knew it could kill me. But it was common sense to replace the foil every few hits and the bottle if it started to melt(Which it would not if you were smart and use something as a pipe like a hose)

    by the way here is a video about kids for a memorial to him:
    [ame=]MGMT "Kids" Video - YouTube[/ame]
  18. come on man no parent would proudly let their 14 year old own a glass bong. When I have kids I just wont question it and ill just tell my son you know what if you control MJ responsibly I dont give a fuck get high son but weed can destroy some people and it happens if your not careful.
  19. So you kids saying he was stupid... he was 14...

    He was only a teenager for two years, not even in high school.

    I would have to blame his parents for being stupid, or older siblings smoking in front of him. I don't know, but you can't really blame the kid. He was uneducated.

    RIP Lil' homie.

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