Kid dies from bud filler

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  1. Just thought I'd share this with yall. It's bout this kid that died from something he put in his bud.

    Ok so a few months back a kid (i never knew him he just lived near me) wanted to smoke some of the bud he had left. Well apparently he didnt have enough to pack or roll or what ever so he decided he would go outside an find something to use as a filler. Well he ignorantly picked some poison ivy to use. He went to go smoke it mixed with his bud. He ended up dying i think it was 3 minutes later from not being able to breathe cuz his lungs were all fucked up.

    I guess the reason why im saying this is cuz i know there are kids in here that are beginner smokers and even if yall dont want them here i know yall dont want them to die. And if u r a complete asshole also think about how bad it can make weed look to those who don't know better.

    Moral of the story if you need filler use tobacco not what u found outside

    Rest in peace kid

    Smoke weed everyday
  2. Or move to Colorado lol

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  3. Im tempted to try it,cause i think its highky unlikely lol

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    I would seriously advise against trying it. :smoke:

    It is tempting to burn a poison ivy or oak plant when you want to get rid of it for good, but do not ever burn them! The poison plant oil called urushiol can burn, and you can inhale the toxin. This could cause a very severe allergic reaction. According to the Wildland Firefighter Magazine website, inhalation of burning poison ivy and oak plants is common among firefighters although much less common among the general population. The heavy particles of the smoke contain urushiol, which will fall down in soot form and can be inhaled. The lungs can swell, cause coughing, and extreme irritation and swelling in the throat. It can also cause blisters that break and run. Know where your firewood is coming from. If you have freshly chopped firewood that may have been growing near poison ivy or oak, be careful and think twice about burning it. Also if you have broken out in a poison ivy or oak rash after handling firewood, that may be because the plant's oil is on the surface of the wood. If you think you may have inhaled burning poison ivy or oak, seek medical attention immediately. Only a medical professional can administer proper treatment in such a case.
  5. Thanks for posting that, ICGreen. I am sure nobody will read it, but it's a real safety hazard to handle poison ivy, let alone BURN the shit. Anybody stupid enough to think using that as a filler is a good idea, will probably not survive. 
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    Sounds like one of those stories about a guy, who knew a guy, who told him about another dude, who said............. :confused_2: 
    edit:  natural selection...
  7. I stand corrected :/

    Think the 3 minute kinda made me doubt it. Im not even sure if we get poison ivy here lol

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    Poison sumac too...
  9. survival of the fittest at it's finest

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  10. I would assume that the leaf that was picked up was a dry leaf that may be more difficult to distinguish from another leaf or would simply not be examined.  As unusual of a story as this is, I think it makes a valid point.  The point being to know exactly what you are smoking any time you are smoking.
  11. I just blasted a blunt of that dank ivy dude...

    Seriously though, natural selection going on right there.

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  12. Please take caution to using tin foil and plastic tok .u young fucks dont care vut it matters
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    Doesn't surprise me people allergic to the stuff can get extremely sick from it if not die. That's a sad story but yea natural selection at its finest...
  14. It's a sad story, but something like that was going to happen to that kid sooner or later...

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  15. That's too bad.

    When I was 15 and a newbie, I was all out of pot so I rolled leaves from a shrub with notebook paper. I took one hit of that and the world turned sideways.
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    Wow id think ud be able to find a pebble somewhere near poison ivy... At least a twig
  17. RIP yo. I knew a kid that would smoke anything. He'd try it like crumble up a cookie and he'll smoke it.
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    I knew a kid who dipped Q-tips in Wite-Out and tried to smoke them.
    Guess what fucking happend.
  19. His dick flew off?

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    I think gc should delete alot of their old threads especially ones that advocate the half assed fashioning of smoking devices. Ive read threads before that have even compelled people to go out and "try and find a new leaf or plant that gets you high". people are stupid enough to listen to anything... And while i know this isnt practical and very overprotective but at least maybe have a safety section on what the fuck not to do... Seen too many stories fucking up public opinion cuz some guy dies because he was misinformed or careless.

    P.S.A. dont smoke shit that you dont know about. Dont pick and eat shit you cant identify (nutrition too bitch!) and sure as fuck dont smoke out of shit that could release chemicals.

    Im not saying theyre at fault obviously because theyre not but i look at prevention. Poor Kid could have just been missled nobody here has the truth about him or his mind.
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