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  1. i was baked and decided to toss it into the microwave, and entire thing taste like shit except for the chicken nuggets. i couldn't eat it and it made me sad inside, but who wants hot chocolate pudding that taste like shit.

  2. you could have easily taken out the nuggets from the package and put them in a plate and warmed them up, that way you still have cold pudding...
  3. Why did you purchase it to begin with?

    That shit looks turrble
  4. haha i used to eat em all the time when i was a kid, they are turrble though, thats for sure
  5. Get lunchables.
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    Kid cuisine is like a misleading title.

    It looks interesting, until you see what's actually inside.

  7. Oh god, nostalgia.

    But it's horrible. I don't know how parents can feed it to their kids.
  8. Things like that always come out better when put in the stove. Though, they still suck, just a little less.
  9. fuck that kid cuisine shit.
    real men eat hungry man meals. and not just one. like... fucking 4.

  10. damn!

    u cant take out the chocolate tho only the chicken, and they aint that cheap but being a stoner it looked really good
  11. Damn, this brings me back. I used to love Kid Cuisine when I was younger for some reason. It fucking sucks!
  12. Hungry Man meals are good. beer battered chicken ftw
  13. Hungry Man is where it's at for the microwave meal.
  14. Fuck that little deceptive penguin fuck.

  15. The pudding would be frozen then.
  16. Why dont you just eat the mother fucker at room temperature. Thats what the children do, its probably better than hot nuggets and pudding. Get a lunchables if you wanna feel like a kid. Get hungryman for everyday purpose. :p
  17. Anybody who is putting their tv dinners in microwaves should just not bother why not just sit on it until its kinda warm. Microwaves=soggy diareha food.

    Plan ahead, take a little extra time. Put that fucker in the oven and then go toke up and then enjoy a well cooked crispy TV dinner

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    It's not pudding, It's a hot brownie.

    Edit: NVM. Just eat the pudding at the end and it's going to be cold, Well room temp.
  19. I remember eating those as a kid. Now they look like shit but back then mmmm they were good. One of them had some cinnamon apples, I remember that was the best.
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