Kid Cudi Man on the Moon CD

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  1. Has anyone else picked this Cd up yet? It came out today, and its def. alot different than what anyone else has put out but I can see myself bumping most of this CD. Heres some of my favorite ones from the cd:

    Day N Nite
    My World
    Pursuit of Happiness
    Sky Might Fall
    Soundtrack 2 my life
    Heart of a Lion
    Cudi Zone
    Up Up n away
    Solo Dolo

    Anyone else pick it up or listen to any of it yet?
  2. Yeahhh Man i Gotta Copp This Album:hello:

    Check my name out thats where i got it from taht N!KKa Kid Cudi
  3. Hell yeah man this cd is awesome, the bonus songs are all good and your username is the best one
  4. Ha! It's Pretty Good I Got most of his album on mi-Touch like 5 mins ago
    Thanks for throwin up this thread +rep
  5. Most of the songs are really slow, stoney.
  6. fav tracks

    In My Dreams
    Soundtrack 2 My Life
    Solo Dolo
    Day 'n' Night
    Sky Might Fall
    Pursuit of Happiness
  7. What about Hyyer that was the best track
  8. The prayer
    Man on the moon
    day n night
    up up and away (wake and bake song)
  9. Ay kooz who made your sig??
  10. TheHamburgler

    how come the prayer isnt on the man of the moon cd?
  11. iT wan on his first mixtape i guess it didn't the album because
    of other tracks
  12. wow maui wowie isnt on it either... cudi fucked up
  13. [ame=]YouTube - KiD CuDi - Sky Might Fall (Produced By Kanye West) Dirty[/ame]

    Thats also one of my fav's

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