Kid busted for smoking joint at school

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  2. what a pimp:hello:
  3. [ame=]YouTube - ian barry smokes joint in front of school[/ame]
  4. That kid is a badass! Of course it wasn't very smart... But that is fucking awesome. That kid has some balls. No fuck it, that kid has balls that touch the ground!

    Good find OP, and good find on the video +rep to both of you :smoking::smoking::smoking:
  5. Fucking props to that guy. I'd never have the courage to do that. He should've seen it coming though, like really lol.

  6. that kid is so manly that his balls have balls
  7. Yeah he definitely has balls . Now he also probably has piss test for the next few years . Sometimes the glory is just not worth it .
  8. So? Apparently having a high GPA doesn't mean having very much common just don't bring drugs to school and use them in front of everybody, what point is it proving? That you're retarded?

  9. Yes, very retarded. But he has balls :hello:
  10. Its not so much retarded but a very well thought out act of civil disobiedience. He knows he's going to get in trouble but smokes anyway. Think about the sit-ins during the civil rights act. They knew sitting at the lunch counters will get them arrested but when enough people did it, it proved a point.

    I'm very impressed with this kid and he has super balls.
  11. The kid deserves a MEDAL! He's definitely got balls - another future leader of the Legalization Movement! I hope the kid chooses to join NORML and becomes one of our most outspoken leaders in the movement!

    Too bad we cannot ALL have his cajones!
  12. Maybe he can join when he gets off probation . :D
  13. That is pretty sweet that the kid did that. I wish they had not of found those few flakes of weed that probably fell out of the joint. I hope this is his first offence so he doesnt have alot of legal issues.
  14. That kids balls...
  15. he thought that since hes so badass the cops and school administration would admire his bravery and let it slide. he is probably not so faithful in the goodness of humanity anymore, though
  16. My words and picture exactly:hello:
  17. It's in the same vein as rosa parks sitting in the back of the bus...
  18. damn i need to hear that paper that he wrote

  19. "Because \tI love you, I can say this: no rich young white guy has ever gotten anywhere \twith me comparing himself to Rosa Parks."
    - \tIsaac Jaffe Sports Night

    [ame=]YouTube - Sports Night season 1 episode 2 clip 1[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Sports Night season 1 episode 2 clip 2[/ame]

    Sports Night as a great show, hilarious, witty and insightful. The second episode of the serious centers around one of the anchors talking about legalization in a magazine article. This was nearly a decade ago when the subject was getting next to zero tv time.
  20. HAHAHAH yes, of course he's from Washington.

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