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Kid brought brownies to school..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jam3z, May 6, 2011.

  1. ok so this girl whose a senior (like me) decides to whip up some pot brownies and figures it'll be a good way for some quick cash sellin em at like 7 bucks a pop. She fronts kids there brownies and keeps a list of names that owe her money. We're in a small school so shit can spread rather quickly. After about a week a selling these brownies the principle comes in and takes the girl without even saying a word. Got the dirt on the situation about 10 mins after and found out that her and like 8 other seniors got busted and confessed to everything. Kicked out of school with 2 months left and college is out of the question as of right now.

    Great way to end highschool and skullfuck your future

    Oh, and a great senior memory too:smoke:
  2. idiot kids. I enjoy smoking as much as the next person but when people do stupid shit like that you can't feel sorry for them.
  3. HA can't be a ritard about it.. I fundraised selling pot brownies to buy my bong a few months ago.. but thats besides the point.. A LIST OF HER BUYERS AND DEBTEES? Thats just straight up idiotic. NEVER keep a visible record with other peoples names on it.. you'll take down everyone one of them.. Same with pictures ive had friends get busted at school, because someone got their phone searched by the school cop, and it had my friends throwing west side signs while hitting the bong.. Pretty funny in the moment but not in the hands of an authoritay figure.

    The Brosky:smoke:

  4. [ame=]YouTube - South park - how do i reach these kids[/ame]
  5. Some people are so lazy, is it so hard to remember who owes you money?

  6. I love that you misspelt retard in this post.
  7. so. so. so. so. so. so. dumb.

    why would the kids fess up btw? wtf are they gonna do drug test em? "Oh I was around my buddy the other day and he was smoking, I didnt buy a brownie."

  8. haha..retards...why confess...they cant do shit if u just deny..and get 8 more people involved? HAHA
  9. That's what you get for trying to push at school, bad idea, especially if you attend a small school. Live and learn my friend.
  10. LOL, selling pot brownies at lunch. Dude, she'd make an awesome lunch lady.
  11. Haha man when I was a freshman in hs these sketchy kids in my health class brought a batch of brownies for the food party at the end of the semester and the teacher was like can I have one and they gave her one (we had block periods so they were 110 mins long) at the end of the period she said she felt weird and was wobbling and shit she got hella lit... lol... She got all three off them expelled and they all got 6 mos probation. Shit was funny as hell
  12. Haha same shut happens to me last year we had a food project and kids made some brownies lil did the whole class's no it was some pot brownies everyone was Hella ripped funny as shit to bad I never saw them again after tht
  13. That's why you don't deal in high school or to high school kids unless you have a piece. Make sure they see it when you sell it to them... :D
  14. Well we have cameras planted all over our school so they were trying to see which kids they could get to lie.
  15. They confessed. Their problem. They should be put out in the real world so they can figure out how it works.
  16. Some schools drug test. They do here. But here the parents and student have to sign a paper agreeing to random tests. I refused to sign it. No way am I letting them drug test my kid. I'll be damned if I let a bunch of mj nazis ruin my daughter's future over a joint or a brownie. Hell na!
  17. Good mom. Too bad there are parents that will..
  18. Wow, marijuana is dangerous to your future! Just look at these kids, they won't go to college now because of marijuana!

    Or it could be because an over-zealous principal thought he should be a moral crusader.

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