kid ate my blunt

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by hobobob, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. the other day i was going down an alley and i saw my friend and his ittle highschool brother coming towards me, when we met up we started talking and i sparked my blunt of perp and as soon as the blunt gets passed to my homies brother, my friend sees a car go by and says "oh shit a cop". i looked back and it was just a normal car my stoned frined mistaked for a cop, but when i turned back around the kid is already munching on my blunt i was like what the fuck man he said he got scared or some shit and i was just speachless, he kept saying he was sorry and my friend told him that if he was sorry he would give me 20 bucks for it, next thing i know the kid pulls out a 20 for me.
  2. cant blame him man... he coulda saved u all from gettin caught. and he paid you your 20 so he seems legit to me.
  3. he ate the whole thing lol, bet hes got a nice burn in his mouth

    cool that he paid you back as well
  4. Hell ya. I would let a kid eat my blunt for $20. It was probably halfway finished anyway. Good deal.(Unless you had some crazy expensive weed in there)
  5. Gross. And definitely a noob mistake but almost totally rectified by the $20
  6. dude even if i saw a cop I wouldn't eat the blunt

    cops don't randomly decide to stop and ask if your smoking weed... just press that shit into the ground and stick it in your pocket
  7. yea they do , dont even try saying they dont
  8. if that blunt was all i had and i was low on money i would be pissed.. but i would think it was kinda funny how fucked up this kid probably got. and you got 20 for it, thats cool.
  9. eh, if you were all high and he gave you 20 sounds cool to me.

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