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Kicking the habbit of everyday use

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LovingTree, May 7, 2013.

  1. Who has kicked the habbit of smoking weed everyday? I work a low end job. The pay is decent, but I know in order to get rich I have to save. This requires me to not buy bud in large quantities anymore. As a result, I would probably have to ration out an eighth every two weeks. Has anyone managed to do this? I think my anxiety and wallet will thank me. I would love to hear some insight
  2. Gosh, the only way I can seem to sloe or stop use is by not ordering more bud. My source is like 4 hours away so it takes like a week+ for me to actually pick up bud once i finally choose to order. So basically I am.forcing myself to ration what I have left, and take a quick forced break. If we would grow our own then maybe we could avoid this situation.
  3. find yourself a good mids connect it will last you longer but you wont get as high but still pretty high and then smoke exotic on occasion
  4. Dont smoke stress

    Only way to not smoke daily is to not have bud daily

  5. SmOkE bUd ErRy dAy
  6. im with you buddy. my girl friend and myself are both hard working people but both working for little over our minimum wage here.
    different is im willing to trade money rich for bud rich. unfortunately you cannot buy happiness, but you can damn sure buy weed and thats close enough for me.
  7. I used to smoke everyday from late 2006 until mid 2009
    I went weed free for 3 years, up until last week infact.

    Here is some advice...
    Change the way you think about your weed habit, don't view it something you NEED in order to enjoy and function in everyday life.
    Try and rediscover things you enjoyed doing before you started smoking. Basically anything to keep your mind busy and not thinking about smoking pot.

    I struggled for the first few weeks and was pretty agitated and irritable at times.
    You may not be like this as i've been known to have an addictive personality.
    After the first month has passed without weed you will begin to stop thinking about getting high.
  8. If you can make an ounce of mids last 2-4 weeks, then you'll be set. Buying small quantities will just cost you more in the end.
  9. take up a hobby that is not smoking weed or another drug. Like running, sports, art, music, instrument whatever and do that thing every other day that you aren't smoking weed.
  10. I smoked everyday all day for two years and quit pretty easily. I just had trouble sleeping and eating for a week. All you got to do is drink lots of water. Easy peezy lemon squeezy. About to start the daily habit again though soon. Can't fucking wait.
  11. it's not hard when you come to a certain point of realization. i have a very tough time getting weight in my area so when i can't smoke anymore, i feel like shit for a while, but i get used to it. whenever i pick up a fresh q, i'm ready to smoke almost every day of the week
  12. That's why I started growing.
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  13. I buy an ounce a month then smoke only on weekends.

  14. That really is the the best way :smoking:.
  15. Stop buying bud, easiest way to stop smoking
  16. Vape. I just got an MFLB and have gone from a gram a day to like .25 a day
  17. Idk why i havent gotten a vape yet
  18. Seriously, do it. I got my MFLB for $65 on craigslist with the warranty still good and it was the smartest purchase ive made smoking wise.
  19. yeah you should get a mflb their totally worth it man, you save tons of money in the long run.
  20. Once i get funds in getting one. Really idk why i forgot about mflb for so long. Been goin through 1:4ths every week which may not aound like a lot to some ppl but at 120 buck a bag its a lot for a college kid

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