Kicking myself in the ass

Discussion in 'General' started by 12inchbong, Feb 14, 2004.

  1. Grrrrr

    There's this very beautiful girl at school that I've been wanting to ask out for the past week. She broke up with her old boyfriend a few weeks ago, and I've been talking to her a lot because she's in two of my classes. She kept saying how she had nothing to do on Valentines day and nobody to spend it with, so I was going to ask her to see a movie tomorrow (50 First Dates). I was going to ask her yesterday, but I didn't see her all day except for 3rd hour. Then I was definitely going to ask her today, but I didn't get a chance to. DAMN! Now I'm pissed because tomorrow I could have been on a date with her. It never works out like I want it to..... But I'm hoping that she doesn't have plans for next Wednesday so I can ask her out on Monday....

    She's such a cool chick. She's not into that shitty rap music, and she likes all the good movies that I like (Fight Club, Super Troopers, Dazed and Confused). She doesn't smoke pot though, and that's one of the reasons that she broke up with one of her old boyfriends. But I was planning on quitting anyways, so now's not a bad time to start :)
  2. DUDE, you totally blew it!!! "i have nothing to do on valentines day".. common, thats when your like, well shit, how about we do something? And just go ahead and say it right there! Sorry it didnt work out how you wanted it to.. hope next time is better...

  3. and if that doesn't work you could always pop pills and stick a finger up your butt.
  4. if that's the way you really want to spend your valentine's day, then sure!

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